NVHC has always been a place that welcomes everyone and invites each of us to roll up our sleeves and participate in building a great community. Our synagogue is a place where everybody—all ages, stages, income levels and backgrounds—have a voice. From the tiny tots, to Tamid Teens, from emerging to elder adults, we are built on active leadership, intellectual curiosity, great music, and deep laughter.

What is $360 x 360?

Each year at NVHC, fundraising events and sponsorships contribute a significant portion of our budget. This year, we would like our main events to be accessible to everyone, so we are trying a different fundraising approach. We are asking as many congregants as possible to contribute to one sponsorship program called $360 x 360 — Celebrating our Jubilee. As you may tell from the title, our goal is for 360 families to make a $360 contribution. This would be a phenomenal participation achievement, akin to the kind of success we have already had this year with our High Holidays at Home and 50 Shabbat Dinners.

Building Together

NVHC thrives because everybody
chips in to help build
our community.

Please use the donation form below to make your contribution.

Thank you in advance for your support of NVHC and for helping to make this Jubilee initiative a resounding success.


We’d like to thank these generous donors who have pledged their support

Anonymous (2)
Madeleine Abel
David and Laurie Albert
Jeffrey and Rebecca Amster
Dwayne and Donna Archer
Mariel Barnes
Stephen and Alicia Baskin
Adam and Pam Berg
Harvey and Janice Berger
Sandra Blumberg
Gerald Boxer
David and Ellen Brewer
Robert and Sally Brodsky
Ed and Sandee Byrne
John Lertzman and Cantor Susan Caro
Jonathan & Sharon Chiat
Andy and Susan Cohen*
Donald Copley
Stephen and Sharron Cristofar
Scott and Jolie Deutschman
Robert and Gail Dezube
Jeff and Tracy Dlott
Tom and Cindi Drake
Eric and Bess Einsenstadt
Sue Fajer
Craig and Nina Falci
Jason and Vera Feig
Robert and Shirley Finkelstein
Eric and Karen Forman
Bruce Friedman and Michaela Madsen
Julie Galton
Stuart and Andrea Gavurin*
Mark and Alyse Goldman
Al and Lynne Groff
Stephen and Louise Hershkowitz
David and Carla Heymsfeld
Don and Nell Hirsch
John and Audra S. Hoebler
Bill Holtzman and Juliet Goozh
Rabbi Michael G. Holzman and Nicole
Saffell Holzman*

Ed and Elise Hutner
Mike and Kate Kalish
Jim and Robbie Kaplan
Bert Katz
Michael and Eleanor Kitces
Ed and Michelle Kogan
James and Michelle Kranzberg
Jeremy and Regina Krasner
Andy and Elizabeth Lacher
Kimberly LaFave
Ken and Kathryn Laskey
Burgess Levin and Mary Sailly
Bruce and Laurie Levine
Michael and Mindy Levy
Martin Lichtenstein and Sheri Rosendhal
Michael Lipsky and Mariette Newcomb
Jim and Davida Luehrs
Michael and Debby Maxwell
David McCue and Lori Lefcourt
Mark and Karen McSteen
Neil and Deborah Meland
Marc and Kay Menchel*
Jon Groisser and Hana Newcomb
Dan and Gayle Gropper
Ken and Fay Gubin
Rob and Nora Gutcho
Doug and Beth Hahm
Brad and Lisa May
Jon and Nicki Halterman-Mitchell
Charles and Sandy Mitchell
Howard and Heidi Mitnick
Lou and Sara Moore
Judy Naiman
Steven and Romy Nathan
Peggy Nelson
Howard and Linda Perlstein
Martin and Carol Piccus
Stephen and Pamela Pick

Barry Pilson
Richard and Ellen Ranard
Jeffrey and Mary Ann Ressin
Nevin and Louise Reynolds
Mitchell Robinson and Ellen Goldman
Marc Rosenberg and Ruth Imershein
Jeffrey and Francine Rossen
Ronald and Rhonda Rubin
Bob and Ellen Rugel*
Marco Sainati and Ronni Levine
Thomas and Susan Salen
Darryl and Heather Schaffer
Rick and Barbara Schatz
Adam and Kelly Schulman
Samuel and Lisa Schwall*
David Selden and Julie Wallick*
Alan and Susan Shapiro
Marvin and Karen Singer
Nathan and Alexandra Sleeper
Andrew Stein and Kim Arnstine
Andrew and Ellice Stern
Reinaldo Sucre and Abby Bornstein
Dan and Andrea Vavonese
George Viener
JP and Judith Villedrouin
Kathy Webb
Robert Wein
Frank and Samantha Wiegand
Howard and Carolyn Wesoky
Kelly and Ruth Ann Whalen
Stuart Willinger
Samuel and Evelyn Wilson
Ralph and Miriam Wolman

As of January 18, 2017

*Community Sponsors