January 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Carrying the Torah is one of the most powerful Jewish experiences, whether it happens once in a lifetime or every week on Shabbat. The scroll represents our history, wisdom and hope, and physically holding it energizes the soul. Unfortunately, it can be physically difficult, especially when stairs are involved.


Recently, one of our members was traveling at a different synagogue and while carrying the Torah, she fell. The Torah fell too, as our congregant broke her foot. She has been physically healing well, and the host synagogue was very gracious and caring about the accident, but she still feels a spiritual hurt.


When a Torah falls to the floor, tradition is to fast for 40 days as a sign of repentance. But since nobody can do that, the tradition has become to recruit 39 people to help by each fasting for 1 day. But we know this fall was not a sin, but simply an accident. Repentance is the wrong lens. Rather, we seek repair and healing.


Therefore, on January 12, 2019, Saturday morning, we will have a service of healing. As part of that service, we will read 40 verses of Torah, symbolic of the 40 day fast, and we will offer prayers of healing.


If you would like to help read or chant any number of verses (even 1 verse is a mitzvah), please click here to sign up.


If you are in need of healing and would like a special blessing (in addition to the names on our existing Mi Shebarach list), please email Mozelle.  Even if you had a broken bone 6 months ago and you are medically all better, a little prayer of gratitude can’t hurt.


Rabbi Holzman will also be making a donation in a multiples of $40 to the host congregation where this fall happened, and if you would like to contribute toward that (even $1 is a mitzvah), please send a donation to his discretionary fund. (This is not a big Campaign, rather a symbolic donation.)