September 18, 2016 @ 9:50 am – 11:00 am

Abraham Joshua Heschel describes the biblical prophets as some of the most disturbing people who have ever lived.  In voices an octave too high for our ears, the prophets demand that Israel live according to God’s ethical commandments.  Israelite prophecy was unique in the ancient Near East because it is rooted in God’s authority, rather than that of temporal rulers.  It is concerned with social justice, abuse of power, and worship that is disingenuous. The prophets remind us that individual acts of immorality threaten the whole nation.  In this class, we will explore selections from the prophets, learn about the world in which they prophesied, and discuss the timeless nature of the prophets’ call to conscience. We will explore Amos, Micah, Jonah, Hosea and others as time permits.

Prerequisites:  None

Fee: Members $100, Non-member $140, Tamid Students Free

Sundays beginning Sept 18

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Weekly until May 21, 2017
Excluding: November 6, 2016, December 18, 2016, December 25, 2016, January 1, 2017, March 12, 2017, April 9, 2017, April 16, 2017, October 2, 2016, November 27, 2016, February 19, 2017, October 23, 2016
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