September 16, 2018 @ 10:40 am – 12:00 pm

Tanakh is Torah + Neviim (Prophets) + Ketuvim (Writings). The Hebrew Bible! Chevruta is a study and partnership. This study group explores Jewish spirituality by reading and discussing sacred tezts. We try to take a literary and historical view of Scripture and discern the lessons it offers to apply to contemporary life. The group decides which parts of the Tanakh to read together; last year we covered much of Deuteronomy and Numbers. Come explore the Tanakh with us; everyone has something to offer and something to learn!

Prerequisites: None

Text: Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures (The New JPS translation according to the traditional Hebrew text). Copis available in the NVHC Library or bring your own.


Weekly on Sunday until May 19, 2019
Excluding: October 7, 2018, November 4, 2018, November 18, 2018, November 25, 2018, December 23, 2018, December 30, 2018, February 17, 2019, April 14, 2019, April 21, 2019, May 12, 2019, January 6, 2019
Members $18, non-Members $36
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