October 15, 2017 all-day

SAVE THE DATE:  October 15, 2017 Afternoon

We have an opportunity to do something wonderful for our community, and the larger world.  In a time of deep divisiveness and polarization, NVHC acts to unite people and build bridges.  We do much of this work through VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) which this year is working to build relationships with BOTH Gubernatorial candidates.  With these relationships we can advocate in the future on the issues that motivate the majority of our members. Right now those issues are affordable housing, the quality of our schools, curbing hate crimes, criminal justice reform, and saving our regional transportation system.

On October 15, 2017 a number of things will happen:


  • We have invited BOTH candidates to meet with us and a large group of our members to talk about these issues.  Tentatively the gathering will be at Patriot High School in Prince William County.


  • We will be organizing buses to go to the High School, and the best part is that this will be an interfaith bus journey.  We hope to have buses departing from NVHC, the ADAMS Center, Trinity Presbyterian, Floris United Methodist, and local area schools, to take anyone who registers and shows up, for the ride to Patriot.  We want all of our members, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and every other faith, to sit together on the bus, talk and build relationships.


  • We are calling upon literally hundreds of volunteers to learn about how to promote democracy by encouraging voting in key districts in Northern Virginia.  These are Delegate districts where the elections have been as close as 1500 votes in the past, and if we can demonstrate that we got 2000 or 5000 or 10,000 people to commit to vote (FOR EITHER PARTY) we are demonstrating our ability to swing elections.  And that is something we can get the future Governor to pay attention to.   We will do this by asking people to sign a Commitment to Vote form and telling them where their polling place is.  Please email Meryl Paskow (mpaskow@gmail.com) of our VOICE team if you are interested in being a part of this effort.