Sunday Punims are Back!

What’s a “punim”? It’s yiddish for “face”. But not just any face. An adorable, sweet, perfect child’s face.  It usually belongs to  a) your child b) your grandchild c) your… Read More »

Celebrating NVHC Teens

Now that the religious school year is drawing to a close, I have been thinking about all the things that our teens have done this year. If you follow NVHC… Read More »

The Fruits of a Sabbatical

By Rabbi Michael Holzman The past three months have been a gift I will always treasure. I am thrilled to return to NVHC and renew my role along with Cantor… Read More »

Donuts with Dudes

NVHC preschool had a great time hanging with their favorite dudes on April 15th. We shared what we thought our dads did at work (we think you spend lots of… Read More »