What congregants are saying...

“I really liked the format of the Coffee Connections.  It was a nice way to meet people in a small, informal setting.  Time-boxed, informal get-togethers are a nice way to get to know people.”

– A Coffee Connections attendee

“Although I knew many of the people in the group, I was able to see them in a different setting and it was very personal. I also met some new congregants and will have more friendly faces to see.”

– A Coffee Connections attendee

The response so far has been fantastic!

Congregants are enjoying getting together, meeting new people, and sharing ideas for NVHC’s future.

What’s Happening with the Feedback?

All ideas and suggestions are shared with the NVHC Clergy and  Board of Trustees for review and possible action.  STAY TUNED!

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Over 60 volunteers are engaged as committee members, hosts or facilitators for Coffee Connections.  This initiative has already increased engagement within the congregation.

What are Coffee Connections?

Small group gatherings at member homes that brings members living in the same geographic area together.

It’s about…

  • BREWING relationships by bringing together NVHC members living in the same area
  • BEAN a part of a facilitated conversation about your experiences as a NVHC member
  • PERCOLATING ideas about NVHC’s future
  • Spending time together over a CUP-A-JOE (or tea if you prefer)

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