Interfaith Families

NVHC rejoices in living in a diverse modern world.  We do not, as Jews, live in isolation from the rest of the world nor do we want to.  We are proud to be an inclusive congregation with many interfaith families in our fold.  Our membership includes a large number of non-Jews who are very active in programming throughout the synagogue and we are grateful for their commitment to and interest in deepening their knowledge of Jewish values and culture.

With this in mind we offer “The Bridge,” a program for Interfaith families.  The goal of “The Bridge” is to make NVHC a more welcoming and inclusive place for our non-Jewish partners.  “The Bridge” meets throughout the year; some sessions are exclusively for our non-Jewish members, others are open to any interested member of NVHC.  Topics of discussion have included a High Holy Days “debrief,” the differences between Passover and Easter, and our shared story.  No question is insignificant.  All experiences are meaningful.

NVHC performs interfaith weddings at the discretion of the clergy on a case by case basis.  For more information contact Rabbi Holzman at



Scholar-In-Residence: Rabbi Tamir Nir
Apr 20 all-day

Scholar-in-Residence Mini Weekend

Rabbi Tamir Nir from Jerusalem

April 20-21

Rabbi Nir is the spiritual leader of Kehillat Ahvat B’Kerem, the community that hosted our NVHC group during the trip in December 2017.  He is also the former deputy mayor of Jerusalem and is the current Director of the secular yeshiva, BINA in Tel Aviv.  He is a fascinating speaker and leader and will be talking about the evolving nature of non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel.

Friday night at 7pm, he will join us for Shabbat services and will give a talk titled “Reflecting on Change in Israeli Society.”

Saturday morning at 9:00 am as our teacher at Torah Talk, he will speak on “The Four Questions of Hatikvah and How it Relates to American Jewish Life.

He will also lead a study during Saturday’s luncheon at 12:15 pm entitled “Love your neighbor as yourself: Love for all or just for the people? A study of sources and live itself.”

For Israeli dinner reservations on April 20, at 6:00 pm, click here.

For lunch reservations with Rabbi Nir on April 21, at 12:15 pm, click here.

Preschool Classes
Apr 20 @ 8:00 am - 8:30 am

NVHC Preschool offers a warm and loving environment for the youngest members of our community.  It is our teachers who make this possible through their enthusiastic and loving commitment to education and your children. Our program offers a balanced play-based curriculum of enrichment and academics.  Through music, art, stories and celebrating holidays, we provide the building blocks for a lifetime of learning.  It is the mission of NVHC Preschool to give each child a solid foundation for growth based on Jewish values and the academic and social skills they need for future success.  For more information, contact Cindi Drake and visit our Preschool page.

Bring Your Own Shabbat Dinner (BYOSHD)
Apr 20 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
BYO Shabbat Dinner!

Join with NVHC friends to Connect on Shabbat

Do you ever feel too busy to cook some nights, let alone invite friends over? We hear you! Starting this fall, we are encouraging families to join together for an informal dairy Shabbat dinner at NVHC.   Bring your own dinner (takeout, homemade, whatever!) and come to the Social Hall to relax and connect with friends before Friday night services.

All are welcome!  Families with children are encouraged to attend.  We love having children help open the ark and participate in services but if you can’t stay that’s ok!  Join us for lighting the candles or whatever works for you.  The idea is to come together and connect on Shabbat.  Mark your calendar now! 

BYO Shabbat Dinner dates:

April 20      (coincides with our Israel@70! Weekend-long celebration of Israel)

May 18      (coincides with Shavuot)

June 8        (coincides with Atid Shabbat)

*BYOSHD starts at 6:00pm, followed by candle lighting and services at 7pm*

Please bring a dairy or parve meal (no pork, shell fish, meat or chicken).  Challah, paper products and water will be provided.  Any questions, please contact Hilary Wilkenfeld, 703-835-2938, or

If you’re interested in the Israeli Dinner please click here.

Erev Shabbat Worship Service
Apr 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Friday evening is your chance to disconnect from the outside world, join with family and friends, and welcome Shabbat!  Following our worship service we have a delicious oneg (cookies, fruit and sweets to bring in Shabbes joy)!

This Friday, we are honored to be joined by and to learn from Rabbi Tamir Nir, our Scholar-In-Residence. He will address the congregation tonight as our speaker, and he will speak about “Reflecting on Change in Israeli Society.” Join us in welcoming Shabbat with Rabbi Nir!

Torah Talk with Rabbi Tamir Nir @ Sanctuary
Apr 21 @ 9:00 am - 10:15 am

The Torah is a vast collection of stories, commandments, ritual practices, and ethical standards. It is meant to be studied and understood not only to connect us to our ancestors and traditions, but to guide us toward an ethical and spiritual life. Torah means learning. For many of us, understanding Torah is not easy. We may find the language confusing and the meaning difficult to grasp. Yet when we learn together, we are thrilled by the insights we glean and share. Update your calendar now and join us. Participants are encouraged to voice their thoughts, insights and interpretations. Dress is casual. Previous Torah study or Hebrew fluency is not required. Questions or for more information, contact Susan Trivers, Worship Committee Chair at

At this Torah Talk, we are honored to be taught by Rabbi Tamir Nir as part of our Scholar-in-Residence weekend. He talk is titled “The Four Questions of Hatikvah and How it Relates to American Jewish Life.” Please join us for this truly special experience!

Shabbat Worship Service
Apr 21 @ 10:15 am - 12:00 pm

Shabbat morning services at NVHC are open to the public. In community, we pray, we read Torah, we sing…and celebrate important lifecycle events such as baby namings, b’nai mitzvah and auf rufs.

Luncheon with Rabbi Nir
Apr 21 @ 12:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Join us for lunch with our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Tamir Nir!

The title of his discussion is “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: Love for all or just for the people? A study of sources and life itself.”

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Kehillat Limmud
Apr 22 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Kehillat Limmud is our Religious School for grades K-7. Using an innovative and fun elective-based program, we teach students everything they need to be productive, knowledgeable, and spiritually capable Jewish young people. For our 8th-12th grade program, please see information on Tamid.

For more information on education at NVHC, please contact our office at 703-437-7733, or email our Director of Education Rabbi Jessica Wainer at

Tanakh Chevruta
Apr 22 @ 10:40 am - 12:00 pm

Tanakh is Torah + Neviim (Prophets) + Ketuvim (Writings). The Hebrew Bible! Chevruta is a study and partnership. This study group is focused on reading and discussing the Hebrew Bible, weaving in our understanding of ancient, medieval, and modern Jewish History, Tanakh, and Derech HaShem. Specific topics covered will be determined by the group as we progress. Last year we covered the Books of Judges and Kings, as well as Daniel, Esther and Job. In the coming year, we will be using The Jewish Study Bible to study and discuss Torah portions from Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Everyone has something to offer and something to learn! No experience required.