NVHC Preschool


Two-Year-Old Program

Our goal is to provide a warm, loving, happy, and nurturing environment for our youngest children so that they develop a lifelong love of learning.


     The Two-Year-Old program strives to:

·      ease separation from parents

·      model sharing and play with peers

·      develop an understanding of routines

·      encourage and increase language development and skills

·      have children follow simple directions.


      We emphasize:

·      color, shape, and letter recognition

·      conversation with peers and adults

·      participation in story-telling and singing

·      drinking from cups

·      aid in toilet training


      Additionally, we:

·      celebrate Jewish holidays

·      teach blessing (the motzi)

·      teach Jewish values such as Tzedakah – justice, Tikkun Olam – repairing the world

·      teach appreciation for the diverse population of our Preschool


Three-Year-Old Program

Our program is designed to further the positive Preschool experience while building upon the foundation begun in our Two-Year-Old program.


       We continue to offer a safe and nurturing environment in which our children will:

·      grow in self confidence

·      grow in independence

·      advance their social and verbal skills


      In order to accomplish these goals, we emphasize:

·      self-help skills to foster independence

·      easing transition between school activities

·      social skills through play, sharing, and peer interaction

·      imaginary play

·      communicating needs and expressing feelings

·      validating needs and feelings


      Additionally, we provide our children:

·      a fun environment to learn these skills

·      and a stimulating environment in which to explore, challenge, question, and indulge their curiosity.

We continue to expand the children’s knowledge of, and appreciation for, Jewish traditions, customs, and heritage, with an emphasis on Shabbat.


Four-Year-Old Pre-Kindergarten

This program is designed with Kindergarten in mind.  We build on the Two- and Three-Year-Old programs so our four year olds are well prepared to enter Kindergarten.


      During this important year, we will emphasize social growth by:

·      promoting positive interaction with children in group settings

·      furthering respect for other people and property

·      encouraging personal responsibility

·      providing opportunities for children to be leaders and participants


      Emotional growth by:

·      fostering a positive self-image in all of our children

·      providing new experiences for children to explore

·      acknowledging their feelings and allowing expression of these feelings

·      teaching coping skills

·      modeling good/bad choices and problem-solving strategies


      Intellectual growth through:

·      introduction of relatable experiences in logical sequence

·      providing opportunities for children to dictate stories and experiences

·      furthering children’s ability to follow more than one oral direction

·      encouragement of longer attention to, and completion of, one activity

·      offering an array of experiences which will support Kindergarten readiness using colors, shapes, the alphabet, numbers, and rhyming.  Additionally, children will be introduced to writing their own names and reproducing patterns


      Physical growth by:

·      developing gross motor skills through running, jumping, and use of indoor and outdoor climbing equipment

·      developing small motor skills through the use of scissors, crayons, puzzles, and small manipulatives

·      developing balance through skipping and dancing