Chief Officers of Auxiliaries

Brotherhood President: Bob Fenster

Sisterhood President: Fay Gubin

Committee Chairs

Building and Grounds:  Julie Wallick

Caring (NVHC Cares):  Laurie Levine

Chavurot:  Karen Singer

Chevra Kadisha: Michael Brody

Choir Committees:  Cantor Susan Caro 

College Outreach:  Judy Naiman

Communications: (open)

Finance: Judy Naiman and Lynne Groff (co-chairs)

Inclusion Initiative: (open)

Judaica Shop:  Shawn Harris

Library:  Ted Smith

Membership:  Miriam Wolman

Life Long Learning (Adult Education) : Ellen Rugel

NVHC Change (Social Action):  Ellen Ranard

Onegs: Carolyn Wesoky


PTO:  Shawn Harris

Early Childhood Education Committee: Regina Krasner

Pulpit:  Hana Newcomb


Kehilat Limmud : Ariana Raines

TAMID: Ruth Ann Whalen 

Safety and Security:  Ken Laskey

Shammas Corps:  Kathy and Ken Laskey

Social Action: Ellen Ranard and Julie Wallick (co-chairs)

Speaker Series:  Eric Forman

Strategic Development: Sam Schwall

Technology: Bruce Johnson, Stu Williger, Ralph Wolman (co-chairs)

Worship: Susan Trivers

Youth Programs:  Adam Zemel