High Holy Days 5779/2018

Frequently Asked Questions


Who may obtain High Holy Day tickets?

  • Your NVHC family membership includes people considered to be your dependents, i.e. dependent children, older adults living in your home. Only Members in good standing (those current in their dues) will receive tickets at no charge.  To avoid delay in receiving your tickets, please be sure you are a Member in good standing.  To clarify any financial issues, please contact Linda Klinker at 703-437-7733 Ext. 108.

How do I order tickets?

  • All tickets were mailed to you in late July.

What tickets are available for Members’ family who live in the area?

  • Members’ grown children and parents who live in the area but are not Members of NVHC may purchase tickets.  Other adult family members who live in the area are considered non-Members and must purchase tickets online or by phone.

Are tickets available for out-of-town family members?

  • Members in good standing may purchase Guest Tickets for their out-of-town family.

May non-Members purchase tickets?

  • Non-Member tickets may be purchased for all services.  The price of the Non-Member ticket may be applied toward the first year’s dues for anyone who joins NVHC within 60 days. NVHC does not want to turn anyone away solely for economic reasons.  If finances are a concern, please call Linda Klinker, at 703-437-7733 Ext 108. Please click here to purchase non-Member tickets.

Do children need tickets?

  • Each Members’ dependent child will need a ticket.

As a Member, may I bring guests?

  • Members may purchase Guest tickets with the form included in the mailing.

Where should I go to enter for services, to get tickets, or if I have a question?

  • We will have a Welcome Tent and desk in front of NVHC. Greeters will assist in providing directions to the appropriate rooms in NVHC per tickets.

How may I include my loved one(s) in the Memorial Book for the Yizkor Service?

  • If you are a Member of NVHC and wish to have your loved one(s) included in the Yizkor Memorial Book, please complete and submit the Yizkor Memorial Book Order Form included in the ticket packet Members will receive in the mail. Please send in the Order Form by Friday, August 24. A minimum donation is appreciated in the amount of $36 for the first name and $18 for each additional name.


What time should I arrive?

  • You should plan to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the service you plan to attend.

How will I know where to go?

  • All vehicles should enter the NVHC driveway from the northbound lanes of Wiehle Avenue. Please DO NOT ENTER THE CHURCH PARKING LOT FROM WIEHLE AVENUE.
  • There will be highly visible traffic control volunteers and signs that will direct you so that we can maximize safe and expeditious vehicle traffic and pedestrian flow. We also will have police on Wiehle Avenue directing traffic.
  • We will have easily identifiable volunteers at NVHC’s parking lot and at the doorways and inside the building to provide assistance.

Where can I park?

  • NVHC: limited to handicap vehicles and car pools on first-come basis
  • Church: overflow handicap vehicles and all vehicles

What accommodations will there be for those who require handicapped-accessible parking spaces and for individuals to enter NVHC?

  • Designated spaces in front of NVHC and in church parking lot
  • Drop-off lane in front of NVHC
  • Identifiable volunteers to provide assistance at entrances and inside NVHC

Can I drop off someone and park elsewhere?

  • Yes – enter NVHC driveway from the northbound lane of Wiehle Avenue and then bear left to drop off, then follow directions to the right into church parking lot to park if space is available.


How can I volunteer to help?

  • We need volunteers to help traffic control; greet worshipers; be ushers to assist seating, hand out prayer books; set up and clean up. If you would like to perform this mitzvah send an email to Mozelle@nvhcreston.org.


Building Accessibility

  • The Sanctuary and the Multi-Purpose Room are on two different levels with stairs in between, so it will be necessary to exit and enter the building at the appropriate doors to go to the different rooms.

Where are accessible rest rooms?

  • There are accessible bathrooms on both the Sanctuary and Multi-Purpose Room levels.

Will there be accessible parking?

  • Yes

Can I be dropped off in front of the building so I don’t have to walk far?

  • Yes

Will there be a location in the Sanctuary for wheelchairs and limited mobility individuals?

  • Yes

Will there be hearing assistive devices?

  • Hearing assistance devices are available in the Sanctuary

MACHZOR (High Holy Day Prayer Book)

What Machzor do we use for the High Holy Days?

  • We use Mishkan HaNefesh (Machzor for the Days of Awe).  Please bring your own or you can purchase the Machzor at the NVHC office for $42 a set. There will be books available for use.

FOOD DONATIONS               

Will there be a mitzvah opportunity to drop off food donations?

  • We are working with Cornerstones to accept food donations.  Please check back for updates on the logistics.