At NVHC we celebrate and practice our Judaism through all stages of life.  Especially on the holidays, seasons of rejoicing, do we come together as a community in ways that include all generations.  One of the key programmatic ways we do this is through our Mesibot programs.  For each Mesibah the community will be invited to celebrate together in a variety of formats, everything ranging from carnival games to text study, from meditation to art projects.  We will have the opportunity to eat together, whether it is for dinner or brunch, perhaps even including a wine tasting when appropriate.  All of this will draw us together for a festive service and learning to observe the Jewish holidays and the themes they represent.  Depending on the calendar, we will shift our Mesibot programs from year to year so that we can cover as many holidays as possible over time.  (This does not mean that we neglect other holidays, just that, in any given year, we may take a simpler approach for those.)


Multi-generational NVHC community celebrations of our Jewish holidays, together. There are experiences for all ages.