Lag B’Omer

What is Lag B’Omer and Why Celebrate It?   In Judaism, we have no shortage of holidays. We have major holidays such as Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover… Read More »

The Omer period – Making our days count!

With all the preparations for the Pesach seder, you would think that once we celebrated our departure from Egypt we could relax and enjoy a good meal while the children… Read More »

This Traveler’s Prayer

I am a pretty easy traveler, in that I can sleep in almost any mode of transportation – which is good since I am somewhat prone to motion sickness.  John… Read More »

Annual NVHC Shabbaton – ‘Coming Home’

Each Shabbat, we have the opportunity to carve out sacred time for our own rejuvenation and rest.  This might often feel pardoxically both elusive and much-needed. I know that when… Read More »

Singing and S’mores in the Sukkah! Yum –

Singing and S’mores in the Sukkah–How does this all fit together, you might wonder.  Well, food, music and relationship are all integral and interrelated in Judaism. Jews and food are… Read More »