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Welcome to our New Website!

Our current web site, created and lovingly maintained by congregants, has done an amazing service for the congregation in the past 8 years (which in web time is like an… Read More »

Muslim/Jewish Statement on Gaza and Israel

Joint Statement on Israel/Gaza July 22, 2014 Imam Mohamed Magid & Rabbi Michael G. Holzman The current military operations in Israel and the Gaza strip should disturb all people of… Read More »

Robots Come to NVHC Preschool!

  All children are natural observers, experimenters and predictors. And all preschool children are engineers. Watch them with blocks, building structures taller than they are. Initial attempts always begin by… Read More »

Why Confirmation is Amazing!

Last Tuesday night something wonderful happened in our congregation:  Confirmation.  This ritual says so much about where progressive Judaism has come from and where it is going.  And on Tuesday,… Read More »

Chanukah, O M’Sibat Chanukah!

Growing up, the celebration and meaning of Chanukah in my house was irrevocably tied to a TV show that our younger generation has never heard of—to their detriment, in my opinion—the… Read More »