Pictures for Website 048NVHC’s Brotherhood is dedicated to serving the needs of our congregation as well as supporting our youth and the Jewish community.  Brotherhood oversees the relocation of ritual objects, machzorim and other necessary items to our offsite location for High Holy Days.  The men of Brotherhood act as NVHC’s “first responders” in times of temple needs.  They can always be counted on to provide a helping hand!

Gift Card Program

Brotherhood helps run the NVHC gift card program. Please consider participating in the NVHC Brotherhood’s GiftCard program and help turn your shopping into additional funds for the NVHC community.  In order to make this a more successful fundraiser – we need bigger participation from all of you! For more information on the gift card program, visit here.

Bike RidesPictures for Website 047

Get the family out for an airing by joining Brotherhood for a bike ride.  Brotherhood organizes group rides during the warmer months.  Check our weekly email or your copy of Links, the NVHC monthly newsletter.

Sunday Family Breakfast

As a Brotherhood fundraiser, Sunday Family Breakfasts are offered once a month during the school year.  For a modest charge, Brotherhood serves up omelets to order, pancakes, bagels and schmear, fresh fruit, and a good cup o’ joe! Check the NVHC calendar in Links each month and come hungry!

March Madness Pictures for Website 050

Spring brings showers, flowers…and great basketball.  Get your brackets in order and join Brotherhood to watch some games!  Widescreen, cold drinks, good snacks…and basketball.  What more could a guy want?

Purim Carnival

Games, games, games and prizes, prizes, prizes!  Purim is the holiday that plays hard!  Brotherhood helps organizes the annual Purim Carnival with plenty of action for everyone.  Have a hamantaschen or three!  Win a stuffed animal or some flashy beads!  And watch out for that wicked Haman!  He could be anywhere!

“Search for Chametz”

Passover is a festive time of the year when we sweep away the chametz in our lives and celebrate freedom!  Brotherhood believes in searching for chametz in whatever sports bar they can find!  It’s got grain so it’s got to go!  A tough job but somebody’s got to do it, right?

Marc Bachman Award

The Marc Bachman Award was established by Brotherhood in memory of the late Marc Bachman to honor congregants who, through their commitment to the synagogue and their personal attributes, reflect the qualities and high moral standards of Judaism.  Brotherhood will announce when nominations are open for this very special award.