Each year, the College Outreach Committee bakes, shops and packs gift boxes of goodies for our college students.  And, each year, we hear many wonderful words of appreciation from students and parents about the packages we send for holidays.  As the committee begins its twelfth year, let’s make sure all of our college students receive their NVHC package and continue their connection to our temple community.  Make sure that your students are on the list.  Send both USPS and email addresses to Mozelle Stanton, Temple Secretary, at mozelle@nvhcreston.org. Have questions about College Outreach?  Email Judy Naiman at CollegeOutreach@nvhcreston.org.

Our first mailing for 5775 is our fall holidays package, which includes symbols and treats for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. We hope we have your sons and daughters on the mailing list. I am reminded of the number of times I have had one of these young adults come up to me at a High Holiday service to say how much he or she appreciates receiving these packages. Make sure that your students are on the list! Even if they have been on the list before, we need to know if they want to continue. The next mailing will be to celebrate Chanukah. Send both USPS and e-mail address to mozelle@nvhcreston.org.

If you are interested in helping with the committee, please contact Judy Naiman at CollegeOutreach@nvhcreston.org.

NOVA Tribe Series

Is your student ready to graduate? NVHC is proud to begin offering young adult programming this year through our Building Bridges Program and our collaboration with NOVA Tribe Series, an organization founded and led by  Stacy Miler, our Young Adult Engagement Coordinator. NOVA Tribe Series provides innovative programming and leadership activities to Jews in their 20’s and 30’s living and working in Northern Virginia and we welcome recent graduates to join us at our events. From trivia nights, networking happy hours and Shabbat dinners to community services events and cooking classes, we offer a variety of programs in casual settings where our members can get to know others and make new friends. Email Stacy at stacy@nvhcreston.org to let us know if your student is interested and click here to sign him or her up for our email list.