We know you realize that to instill true pride and depth in one’s Jewish identity; all of these experiences require reinforcement in the home. Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah is much more meaningful if you are doing mitzvot (commandments) with your child.   We heartily encourage your participation in social justice activities, family learning opportunities, congregational worship, blessings at your Friday night Shabbat dinners, observance of holidays, travel to Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

You can find a guide to considering and doing mitzvah work here:

Mitzvah Work – Guidelines

The guide which follows includes many of our guidelines, resources and a great deal of what-to-expect from NVHC in the coming months. Even if you have had an older child receive his or her Jewish education at NVHC, some of our customs and policies have been modified, so please read carefully through this material. Of course, there is more to know than can be put into writing. So feel free to share your questions with us at NVHC. We are enthusiastic about the upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah you will celebrate here in our community!