If you were to ask ten NVHC congregants why living Jewishly is important to them you would probably get ten different answers.   For some, living Jewishly is about preserving tradition and honoring the past.  For others, it is about providing for the future.  Some seek out a Jewish community because we have personally experienced antisemitism or can identify at least one instance where our Judaism has left us feeling excluded in some way.

Our Jewish journeys are both intensely personal and largely communal.  It is our individual experiences combined with our shared history that inspire us to gather together, share our stories, and take action.  We may take action to create a more inclusive congregation for everyone, not wanting others to feel left out like we once did.  We may take action by standing up for neighbors in danger of being pushed out of their homes, just as our people have been pushed out of  neighborhoods and homelands for centuries.  Taking action may take the form of traveling to Israel, retracing the steps of our ancestors, and deepening our Jewish identities.

Wherever your Jewish journey may have started- wherever it may lead you in the future- we all, somehow, find ourselves here, now, together- our paths merged- our journeys intertwined.  We could choose to see this as a random coincidence.  Or, we could choose to see it as a miracle.  Now that we have found each other, we can live Jewishly together.