NVHC is proud that it can boast a program of inclusion for all students and potential students who wish to receive a Jewish education. It should be noted that we accommodate every student during the B’nai Mitzvah experience regardless of learning and developmental issues. Our program consists of three components of engagement:

Special Needs:

Working with students and special needs consultants, each family that shares any special needs issues or concerns that their child may have, can take comfort in the knowledge that their confidential information is shared only with classroom teachers. Working together; teachers, parents, and the Director of Education, take a close look at how to integrate each child into the classroom environment so that he/she feels a part of our NVHC family. If deemed appropriate, we provide madrich (high school assistant) shadows to assist in the integration process. In addition, each teacher receives special needs training.

Inclusion Program:

Over the past two years, we have created an Inclusion committee to oversee special needs and learning challenged students. Our goal is to find a place within our synagogue program for all children who want to be an active member of our community.  With this goal in mind, we now offer a high school “Buddy” program that matches a trained teen with a student who is unable to be a part of our classroom setting.  Buddies work with parents and students to create an individual program that is aimed at engaging and connecting students to our community through a program designed to meet them at their own pace of engagement.