IMG_8779NVHC is proud to be a member of VOICE, (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement.)  VOICE is a non-partisan coalition of almost 50 faith communities and civic organizations in Northern Virginia working together to build power in middle and low-income communities.  Here’s what NVHC and VOICE are working on!

“On a hot Sunday in May 2013, about 100 members of NVHC joined more than 200 other Reston folks to show solidarity with the residents of Cameron Crescent who may find themselves homeless as a result of Fairfax County’s redevelopment plans for the area.  As a member of VOICE, our congregation organized a walk and rally to bring our moral concerns to the attention of county leaders. It was an amazing afternoon, and it made me proud to be affiliated with NVHC.

The afternoon concluded with a gathering at Cameron Crescent, an apartment complex owned by the county which provides rent-stabilized housing for many families – families whose homes and futures are in jeopardy once the area is redeveloped with the opening of the Silver Line, and rents are raised far beyond the renters’ means.

The details of the rally can be found in newspaper articles. What is not found in those articles is the power of the words Rabbi Holzman spoke at the rally. He reminded us that the residents of Cameron Crescent are our neighbors; he spoke about the moral imperative to protect those most vulnerable in our society, he brought to life the words of the Prophet Amos who warned us against betraying the poor for a pair of shoes.  I listened to him with pride and deep respect as he conveyed the best of Judaism’s prophetic tradition.

We can make a difference; we must make a difference!”