We invite you to apply now for a microgrant.    Our first round of microgrants were awarded in November 30, 2018.  We awarded a grant to start a recycling program at NVHC, and this is now being managed by the  NVHC Green Team .  We also awarded a grant for a teen baking project with members of Cedar Ridge.  Funds remain available so we are accepting grants on a rolling basis.  Send in your grant application ASAP!

Complete and fill out this form:  Microgrant Cover Sheet and Application

Microgrants in amounts ranging from $25 to $250 are available to NVHC youth (age 12 and above) and adults for projects that are designed to “repair the world.”  Applicants may apply individually or in groups (one application per group). These grants are not available for b’nai mitzvah projects.


During last spring’s Tikkun Olam campaign, congregants contributed more funds for social action than NVHC had previously allocated for ongoing programs and projects.  NVHC Change, the Social Action Committee (SAC), allocated $1,000 of this new funding for microgrants.

What are the criteria for grant award?

The project must have a social action focus, and the applicant needs funds to start and carry out the project.  Preference will be given to projects that also promote community engagement, demonstrate creativity and innovation, and foster teamwork and cooperation.

What is the award process?

The SAC (or a subcommittee) will review and approve grant applications.  For requests of $100 or more, the applicant will be asked to present the proposal to members of the SAC as part of the review.  For more detailed information: Microgrant Guidance

What are the requirements and timeline for grant application?

Right now we are accepting applications and will review and approve them on a rolling basis.

What are examples of eligible projects?

  • Analyze recycling at NVHC, and determine what can be done to expand it (use grant for supplies) – GRANTED in November 2018!
  • Promote interfaith dialogue—e.g., reach out to a youth group from another faith community, plan and carry out a program on a topic of mutual interest (use grant for snacks)
  • Learn to conduct relational meetings and set up meetings (use grant for refreshments)
  • Organize a group of students to knit scarves for the Cornerstones Coat Drive (use grant for yarn)
  • Organize a book drive for students at a temple in a disaster area (use grant to ship the books)
  • Organize a group of students to write cards to children at hospitals during Chanukah/members of the armed services at Chanukah (use grant for supplies and postage)
  • Organize a talent show to be performed at a senior center (use grant for refreshments)

Questions?  Contact:   SocialAction@nvhcreston.org