What will make this latest round of protests different than Ferguson 2014, LA 1992, Miami 1980, or Watts 1965 – or for that matter Harper’s Ferry 1859 or Haiti 1791?

In the aftermath of the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, maybe a door has opened, finally, to serious work on anti-racism.

Even if that door is open just a crack, we cannot walk by and let it close. We cannot let it close because we know what happens when we ignore the oppression of others; when officers of the state accept and enforce immoral orders and to harm people; when national leaders mock the right to assemble and protest while cynically using the symbols of religion to declare “this is a great country;” and when we know this IS a great country, one that has benefitted the Jewish people like no other, including the benefits we earned through our status as white.

The door is open, even if it is just a crack, and we will jam our toe in that door and begin the long and hard work of anti-racism. Protest opens the door a little, but protests must be a prelude. NVHC has always been about what comes next.

Upcoming Events at NVHC

  • Summer Book Study, Tuesdays June 30, July 21, and August 25, 7:00-8.30pm
    • Join us throughout the summer as we study White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo. This New York Times bestseller works to understand and challenge the idea of “white fragility,” a reaction in which white people feel attacked or offended when the topic of racism arises.

Past Events

  • Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America, Saturday June 6, 9:00am
    • This Shabbat, we will use the skills and methods we use to study Torah to examine Malcolm X’s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet.” Join us on Zoom; the link can be found in your daily email. If you do not receive the daily email, please ShowClick Here to View Contact Information
  • Tikkun Leil Juneteenth, June 18, 8:30pm-June 19, 6:00am
    • Click here to learn more about this incredible evening of study, reflection, questioning, and remembrance.