Almost every day, we sign up for something…grocery store memberships so we can enjoy discounts on various products…on-demand Internet media so we can see almost any movie any time of the day or night…punch cards at our favorite bakeries, coffee shops, froyo cafes…big box stores so we never have to face the challenge of running out of diapers, milk, tissues.

But membership at Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation is altogether a different kind of thing.

Temple membership is a sacred act.

It is a pledge to struggle for justice and nurture mercy.  It is a promise to serve each other…teach each other…learn from each other.  It is a commitment to uplift each other in times of sorrow and to proclaim joy in times of celebration.

When you join Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, you enter into a covenant as ancient as the Jewish people.

The process of joining is remarkably stress-free.  You’ll need to complete a very simple membership application and to engage in a quick (and painless!) conversation about your annual contribution to sustain our community.  If you wish to register children for Preschool or for Kehilat Limmud, we can do that at the same time!

If you are interested in learning about or joining a dynamic, welcoming, loving Jewish community, please contact David Markovich at