Barr was born and raised in Israel. She spent her first years on Kibbutz Lotan, a Reform community in Southern Israel, and has lived in Jerusalem since age 5. In high school, she became involved with the student government and over the years moved from local to national positions, holding board positions in the Jerusalem Youth Council as well as on the Israeli national youth council. She spent much of senior year in high school in Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the city council discussing topics ranging from youth employment to LGBTQ students. After high school, she was drafted into the IDF and volunteered for a combat unit. There, she was trained as a combat medic and spent most of her service teaching recruits what to do in the field. When the end of her service was on the horizon, she decided she wanted to get back to working with youth in informal education. Her camp and movement experiences, in both Israel and the US, brought her to be a part of the Israeli contingent to Camp Harlam and now the Youth Engagement Coordinator at NVHC!