Welcome to NVHC

NVHC is a Reform Jewish synagogue community in Reston, Virginia.  We are welcoming, curious, funny, intellectually demanding, musical, inclusive, open minded and committed to living a Jewish life.  We have decided to focus on how we engage youth and young adults and ensure the Jewish future (atid), how we build Community (kehilah), and how we act to make the world a more just, peaceful and compassionate place (tzedek).  Find your entryway, your niche, and join us in creating a flourishing Jewish life.

Upcoming Events


"And the old shall dream dreams as the youth shall see visions" (Joel 3:1). We learn from tradition and honor our past, but our priority is to build for the next generation. That begins with our infants, in our preschool and at Tot Shabbat. It continues in our youth learning programs from Kehillat Limmud for younger kids to Tamid for teens. And we do not overlook our students when they leave for college or return to join us as independent young adults. Find your gateway below.

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    School Orientation

    Sunday, September 14th is the first day of Kehilat Limmud! (9:15 am-12:15 pm.) Join us for a family orientation with adult breakfast. Tuesday/Wednesday, September 16th/17th is the first day of TAMID, our 7-12th grade program. Join us for a 6:00 pm dinner followed by a family orientation and class

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    School Registration

    Kehilat Limmud and TAMID Registration is now open!

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    Preschool Registration

    NVHC Preschool offers a warm and loving environment for the youngest members of our community.Our program allows children to learn by exploring, experimenting, and observing, while building a strong foundation in their Jewish identity through blessings, music, activities, and stories.

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    Tot Shabbat

    Join us for stories and songs at our Tot Shabbat September 6th

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    NoVTY provides opportunities for high-school aged youth to socialize with other Jewish youth and to deepen their connection to the Jewish community through worship, social action, leadership development and personal growth.

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    Kehilat Limmud

    NVHC's youth and education program provides a vibrant education for children in K-6th grades, in an innovative and unique format that enhances Reform teachings. Our well-rounded curriculum includes Hebrew, Judaics, holiday traditions, music, Jewish culture and values.

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    TAMID (always) is NVHC's 7th - 12th grade teen engagement program, combining youth group programming and educational opportunities in an environment where teens have a variety of choices.


"All of Israel is responsible one for another" (Babylonian Talmud, Shevuot 39a). A community is a place where people come together. At NVHC, we come together through laughter and tears, in work and in play, while learning and praying, in times of celebration and times of mourning. We strive to be a community where you will find support, joy, comfort, friendship, knowledge, acceptance, and opportunities for personal growth. Welcome to together. We are so glad you are here.

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    Elul Reflections

    The Hebrew month of Elul is our time to prepare for the challenge of the High Holidays. We share on our blog ideas and reflections sparked by our annual Elul self-study packet.

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    Speaker Series

    On September 17h, Ambassador Kenneth Yalowitz will speak on What Russia is Up To in Ukraine.

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    Selichot Program

    Enjoy dessert, a screening of Sukkah City and a discussion with Rabbi Holzman on September 20th. Welcome the Days of Awe and the changing of the Torah covers.

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    High Holidays

    5775 is almost here, all the information you need for High Holiday worship at NVHC.

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    Hebrew Classes Registration

    Whether you have no previous exposure to Hebrew, want to feel more comfortable with Hebrew during services, become adept at Biblical translation, or learn to speak conversational Hebrew: we have a class for you!


"Justice, Justice, Shall you pursue" (Deuteronomy 16:20). We believe our Judaism exists as a vehicle through which we leave our own unique footprint in the quest for justice and equality for all people, everywhere. We draw our inspiration from Torah, from our prayers, and from our brothers and sisters across the globe who work tirelessly to make the world a better and more peaceful place. NVHC offers many opportunities to make a difference right here in our own community. Choose an area below and learn how you can be an agent of change at NVHC, in Reston, and beyond.

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    Social Action

    What inspires you to be so moved by a cause that you feel compelled to take action? Click here to find out how your fellow congregants are affecting change in the name of social justice.

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    Tikkun Olam

    The only tools we need to begin to repair the world are courage and compassion. How fortunate that we carry these with us every day in our hearts.

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    Interfaith Initiatives

    Biogtry only exists where there is ignorance and fear. Click here to learn about how NVHC is working to replace ignorance with understanding; and fear with respect.