Our Mission

NVHC Cares is our communal program which recognizes the community responsibility of connecting with and caring for one another as we fulfill the mitzvah of G’milut Chasadimperforming acts of loving kindness. We strive to provide acknowledgment of joyful beginnings, solace and support through difficult times, building and nourishing a network of relationships which can sustain us throughout the journey of our lives. Please let us know how we can best support you and we hope that you will join us in giving sustenance to one another! 

If you need help, please contact Cantor Caro at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information or the NVHC Cares Team Lead at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information.

NVHC Cares assists and supports our members by offering:


  • NVHC Rides provides rides for congregants who need help getting to and from NVHC events. Click here if you need a ride, and click here to sign up to give rides.

Friendly phone calls

  • We provide support for congregants who are experiencing illness or bereavement in their lives. These calls are expressions of concern and care, and provide comfort from the community.

Caring cards and notes

  • We send cards to provide support for congregants who are experiencing illness or bereavement, or to express congratulations upon a birth or adoption.

Challah for Shabbat

  • We offer to bring a challah to express our community’s support for our members in their grief, pain, or joy, sharing with them a meaningful experience of Shabbat. 

Visits at home or in the hospital

  • The Chaverim (‘friends’) network are a cadre of people who have trained with Cantor Caro to be able to make ‘friendly visits’ to those of our members who are in need. This network helps to support them, listen compassionately, and remind them that they are a valued part of our community.

Mitzvah meals for the ill or bereaved

  • We provide a meal to those who are bereaved and to families who have experienced the birth or adoption of a child in order for them to know that in their lifecycle moment, we wish them a meaningful experience of Shabbat from our community.
  • We strive to prepare or purchase and deliver meals as able, to provide support for congregants who are experiencing illness, treatment, or recovery from surgery.

Shiva minyan in your home

  • Following the death of a loved one, one of our clergy or a member of our congregation will come to your home to lead services so that you can say Kaddish for your loved one and be surrounded by your friends, family, and our community at your time of loss.

The NVHC Cares team steps into action upon communication with the NVHC clergy or the NVHC Cares team leader. Volunteers do not act on behalf of NVHC Cares without specific instruction and guidelines from the clergy or team leader. All information an NVHC Cares member learns about a member’s health or personal situation will always be kept strictly confidential.

We’re here to
support you

Please contact Cantor Caro at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information or call our office at 703-437-7733.

If you have any suggestions or would like to share your personal journey, please contact Cantor Caro at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information

Bereavement & Yahrzeit

Click here to view our resources on navigating grief, the path of the mourner, and observing a yahrzeit (anniversary of death).