Our Mission/Our Vision

NVHC is our spiritual home, where we connect through community to Judaism that matters.

Spiritual Home

A tabernacle. A sanctuary where we laugh, cry, study, pray, question, provide spiritual support, and hold each other with loving kindness. An open door for the seeker or the explorer, the lonely or the hungry. A safe place where varied individuals, all created in the image of God, discover different ways to encounter meaning and something greater than ourselves.


Relating. Joining. Sharing stories of what matters most and what inspires us. Forming covenantal and binding relationships through shared moments of vulnerability, joy, fear, and hope. Ensuring that all feel welcomed, cherished, included, and supported. Through Community: A village. A tribe called Israel with an eternal story linking generations. A point within the constellation of Jewish communities around the world, all responsible for one another. A people striving to uphold Jewish values that promote peace and security for the State of Israel and all its inhabitants.


An inspiration. A call. An innovative tradition expressed through text, prayer, music, design, art, dance, humor, and culture. An experience of mystery and majesty that connects us to others, comforts those in need, challenges our intellect, nourishes our souls, speaks for the powerless, and fosters spiritual curiosity. That matters: Relevant. Active. Integrated into everything we do to help us achieve our best selves and heal our corner of the world. United in a sense of purpose and empowerment. Giving back through deeds, philanthropy, and advocacy. Celebrating religious, social and intellectual tolerance, respect, and diversity.