NoVTY Teens

Northern Virginia Temple Youth – NoVTY

Our NoVTY programs, for 8th-12th graders, run approximately monthly and are planned by our Teen Leadership Council, in consultation with our Youth Engagement Coordinator. Past events have included scavenger hunts, museum visits, apple picking, and shul-ins (overnights at NVHC). 

NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) is the national youth movement to which we belong. As members of NVHC, any of our members are able to attend NFTY events. NFTY offers a 6th-8th grade event in the winter (MAJYK), as well as 9th-12th grade programs in the fall and winter and 8th-12th grade programs in the spring. 

The dates for this year’s NFTY events are listed to the right.

  • NoVTY Fantasy Football Draft
    September 1, 1-4:00 pm
    Attention all fantasy footballers! Come one come all on Sunday, September 1st to the NVHC multipurpose room to participate in the NVHC fantasy football draft. The draft is totally free and tons of fun. Snack and drinks will be provided. The draft will take place from 1 pm-4 pm and it will be super awesome!! Don’t forget to bring your phone or computer to help draft!
  • Havdalah and Hang
    September 7, 5-7:00 pm
    Get a new year with NoVTY started off right at Havdalah and Hang! See your friends, hang out, and bid adieu to another beautiful summer Shabbat. We’ve make Havdalah, play games, nosh, and just chill together.

Interested in NFTY- The Reform Jewish Youth Movement?  Check out our local chapter.

Sept 20-22 – JELLO (Jewish Education, Leadership, and Learning Opportunities, 9th-12th grade)

Oct 26 – East/West Subregional Leadership Day

Dec 6-8 – MAJYK (Mid-Atlantic Junior Youth Kallah, 6th-8th grade)

Jan 17-20 – Winter Kallah (9th-12th grade)

March 13-15 – TheVent (8th-12th grade)

April 30-May 3 – Spring Kallah (8th-12th grade)