In the Torah, when Moses brought the Israelites to the border of the Promised Land, he realizes the work is not complete. The community is strong, and so he says,

Atem Nitzavim.” We stand together.

Everyone here today must stand up and carry this community forward into the future.

The goal of the Nitzavim Campaign is to raise $3 million to fund important strategic initiatives from NVHC’s Strategy 2020 Plan.

  • Apply resources to increase member recruitment and engagement. Staff dedicated to this work can maximize our ability to build relationships with existing members, welcome newcomers, and expand our presence in the community.

  • Strengthen and expand the scope of pastoral care provided by clergy and volunteers to our community, especially to increase support of the growing numbers of older adults.

  • Improve and advance our B’nai Mitzvah program. Create a broad community approach to building healthy families and healthy kids.

  • Modify our building to provide better accessibility and enhance engagement spaces.

To join the Campaign Engagement Team, or for questions, please contact Joe Miller at NVHC at 703-437-7733 or click the button below to email him.

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Anonymous (2)
Francine Beifeld
Harvey & Janice Berger
Matthew & Miriam Brodie
John & Lisa Bull
Ed & Sandee Byrne
Cantor Susan Caro & John Lertzman
Kenneth & Rachel Coelho
Andy & Susan Cohen
Robert & Gail Dezube
Jeff & Tracy Dlott
Stuart & Emily Dornfeld
Eric & Elizabeth Eisenstadt
Shirley and Robert Finkelstein
Esther Friedman
Ben Galison & Sabrina Hollander
Al & Lynne Groff
Don & Nell Hirsch
Rabbi Michael & Nicole Holzman
Leslie & Hunter Hutchens
Bert Katz
Jim & Michelle Kranzberg
Andy & Elizabeth Lacher
Charles & Barbara Leven
Michael Lipsky & Mariette Newcomb
Brad & Risa May
Joe Miller & Martha Kimes
Judy Naiman
Hana Newcomb & Jon Groisser
Jim Olkin
Mitch & Abbe Pascal
Meryl & Robert Paskow
Ellen & Richard Ranard
Judy Ratliff
Mary Ann & Jeff Ressin
Paula Rubinoff & Harry Feldman, z’l
Robert & Ellen Rugel
Sam & Lisa Schwall
Larry & Lisa Schwartz
Sy & Roberta Sherman
Jay Silverberg
Alexandra & Nathan Sleeper
Larry & Deede Snowhite, z’l
Susan Trivers
Stu Williger

Campaign Engagement Team

Host and/or facilitate a House Meeting! Meetings will begin in March, 2020.

Host a Meeting

  • Host 8-12 congregation members at your home or at NVHC (we can provide a list of people if needed)
  • Follow up with reminders to attend
  • Provide light snacks and drinks

Facilitate a Meeting

  • Encourage others to share stories about how they have been affected by NVHC Engagement, Pastoral Care, or the B’nai Mitzvah experience
  • Show willingness to share your stories
  • Gather feedback about the strategic initiatives and invite others to get involved
  • Communicate a snapshot of Nitzavim Campaign progress as of the date of your house meeting
  • Report feedback to the campaign team (feedback templates will be provided)

Support the Campaign

We have a variety of support roles behind the scenes to help include as many members as possible and training will be provided for all roles.