In the Torah, when Moses brought the Israelites to the border of the Promised Land, he realizes the work is not complete. The community is strong, and so he says,

Atem Nitzavim.” We stand together.

Everyone here today must stand up and carry this community forward into the future.

$3 Million Campaign

$2.1 Million – Pay Off Mortgage

  • $152,000 of annual savings will support strategic priorities:
  • Deepen relationships with current congregants.
  • Welcome new congregants.
  • Expand outreach to the wider Jewish Community.

$650,000 – Facility Improvements

  • Beautify our building entrance and improve accessibility.
  • Revitalize and expand our playground.
  • Build outdoor gathering spaces.
  • A multi-year, multi-phase project.

$250,000 – Plan for Future

  • Provide seed funding for the next campaign, just as the last campaign did for this one.




Rabbi Ashley Barrett and 

 Jon Keilholz

Cathy and Mark Baum

Francine Beifeld

Harvey and Janice Berger

David and Ellen Brewer

Matthew and Miriam Brodie

John and Lisa Bull

Ed and Sandee Byrne

Calem Family

Cantor Susan Caro and 

     John Lertzman

Kenneth and Rachel Coelho

Andy and Susan Cohen

Alan Dappen and Sara Scherr

Robert and Gail Dezube

Jeff and Tray Dlott

Stuart Dorneld and 

     Emily Booth-Dornfeld

Eric and Elizabeth Eisentadt

Robert and Shirley Finkelstein

Michael and Carol Flicker

Lisa Folb and Eric Eldridge z’l

Eric and Karen Forman

Esther Friedman

Ben Galison and 

     Sabrina Hollander

Rabbi Rosalind Gold

Ellen Goldman and 

     Mitchell Robinson

Mort and Deborah Goldstrom

Al and Lynne Groff

David Hettler and 

     Carola Seiz Hettler

David and Carla Heymsfeld

Don and Nell Hirsch

David and Meryl Hirschland

Rabbi Michael Holzman and 

     Nicole Saffel-Holzman

Leslie and Hunter Hutchens

Rachel Ingber and 

     Michael Schwartz

Bert and Gina Katz

Larry and Elizabeth Katzman

Valerie and Adam Kerns

Jeff Kramer

Jim and Michelle Kranzberg

Andy and Elizabeth Lacher

Charles and Barbara Leven

Michael Lipsky and 

     Mariette Newcomb

Steven and Ruth Lipson

Kevin and Vicki Luman

Brad and Risa May

Ira Merin and Miriam Merin

Joe Miller and Martha Kimes

Sandy Mitchell

Howard and Heidi Mitnick

Judy Naiman

Peggy Nelson

Hana Newcomb and 

     Jon Groisser

Frank and Gretchen Newman

Jennifer and Steven Nossal

Jim Olkin

Mitch and Abbe Pascal

Meryl and Robert Paskow

David Pontell and 

 Ellyn Krause-Pontell

Ellen and Richard Ranard

Judy Ratliff

Allan and Barbara Ratner

Mary Ann and Jeff Ressin

Peter and Libby Robbins

Rose Family

Rose Foundation

Marc Rosenberg and

     Ruth Imershein

Ron and Rhonda Rubin

Paula Rubinoff and 

     Harry Feldman z’l

Robert and Ellen Rugel

Seymour Samuels

Joanne Schamest and 

     Ronald Wallos

Sam and Lisa Schwall

Larry and Lisa Schwartz

Judy Selberg

David Selden and Julie Wallick

Marsha and Rachael Sheinman

Sy and Roberta Sherman

Silver Line

Jay Silverberg

Marvin and Karen Singer

Alexandra and Nathan Sleeper

Arnold and Natalie Small

Helen Smith

Deb Smith-Cohen

Larry and Deede z’l Snowhite

Andrew Stein and

     Kim Arnstine

Phyllis Stein

Jane Torman

Patrick and Kristen Towbin

Rebecca and Eric Trager

Susan Trivers

Lauryn and Chris Watanabe

Robert Wein

Kelly and Ruth Ann Whalen

Hilary and Jonathan Wilkenfeld

Stu Williger

Women of NVHC

Carl and Laura Zelman