Tikkun Olam

Action, advocacy and service

Every year from Purim to Passover, NVHC Change holds the Tikkun Olam Campaign to raise funds for our programs. But you can donate all year long!

Our annual Tikkun Olam fundraising campaign raises funds to support the important Jewish work that NVHC does in the community in the name of repairing the world.

The 2019 campaign kicked off during Purim. The Purim story is one in which God is conspicuously absent and the emphasis is on the moral choices that human beings make in difficult times to do what is right, even if it requires courage or pushes us outside of our comfort zones. It is a story in which God works through the righteous choices of the people and reminds us that we are the agents of change we have been waiting for.

As we navigate the challenges of our current times, NVHC Change (the Social Action Committee) invites you to reflect with us.  When confronted with suffering and injustice in our community, who do we choose to be? In the face of poverty, do we choose to be a community who feeds, clothes, and houses our neighbors? In the face of ignorance, do we choose to educate ourselves and others about the issues of our time? When faced with apathy, do we choose to be civically engaged and protectors of Democracy?  Do we choose to protect the most vulnerable among us from discrimination, persecution, and abuse?

In 2018, thanks to you, we raised over $32,000 to help support the important work we do in partnership with Forest Edge Elementary School, Cornerstones, VOICE and a variety of Jewish organizations. Your support also allowed us to expand our work. In 2018 we launched our new microgrant program through which your fellow congregants are taking the initiative to implement their own Tikkun Olam projects. We deepened our support of Cornerstones and we picked up an additional school partnership with Clearview Elementary School. We are also excited to announce a new partnership with Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions a nonpartisan organization comprised of local faith organizations working together on stewardship of our local environmentSo far in 2019, we have raised over $28,000.

GOAL FOR 2019 – $36,000

How your 2018 donations made a difference