Tikkun Olam

Action, advocacy and service

Every year from Purim to Passover, NVHC Change (the Social Action Committee) holds the Tikkun Olam Campaign to raise funds for our programs. But you can donate all year long!

During Purim 5780 (2020), NVHC Change kicked off the third annual Tikkun Olam Campaign, supporting the Jewish work that NVHC does in our community in the name of repairing the world.

The Purim story hits especially close to home this year as Jews across America become increasingly concerned about escalating levels of antisemitism and violence against the Jewish community. Yet the story provides valuable insights about how we can respond in these uneasy times.

Queen Esther hides her Judaism from King Ahasuerus until it becomes evident that to save the Jewish community from certain death, she must reveal herself as a Jew and advocate on behalf of the Jewish people. Then, because of the relationship she cultivates with the King, she is able to stop Haman’s evil plan.

Be visible.   

Create and nurture as many relationships as possible. 

These are two of our best tools to fight back against antisemitism. The less people are ignorant or mystified by Judaism the less they will feel threatened by it. NVHC uses these tools largely through our tikkun olam work, which puts us out in the community in ways that are both visible and relational.

  • When NVHC shows up to serve shelter meals, deliver weekend food bags, and mentor local school children, we are visible: this is how we, as Jews, care for our neighbors.
  • When we sponsor Reston Pride and welcome our Muslim neighbors for Friday prayers, we are visible: this is how we, as Jews, respect and welcome everyone.
  • In our advocacy and organizing work in partnership with Cornerstones, JCRC, and VOICE, we are visible: this is how we, as Jews, publicly stand up and demand that all human beings be treated with the dignity afforded to them by their Creator.
  • In partnership with FACS and through the work of our Green Team, we are visible: this is how we, as Jews, demonstrate responsible stewardship for the planet that sustains our lives.
  • Through our interfaith partnerships, we create and nurture relationships built on the shared belief that we are all brothers, sisters, siblings –  responsible for one another.

Putting ourselves out in public as Jews in service to the community, advocating for equality and dignity for all people, and forming and nurturing relationships with other faith institutions are all ways that NVHC helps to keep antisemitism at bay. Please consider making a generous donation as we work to raise $36,000 to fund the service, advocacy, and relationship-building work that allows NVHC to visibly shine our light in the greater community.

In 2019, thanks to you, we raised over $30,000 to help support the important work we do in partnership with Forest Edge Elementary School, Cornerstones, VOICE, and a variety of Jewish organizations. Your support also allowed us to expand our work. We launched our new microgrant program through which your fellow congregants are taking the initiative to implement their own tikkun olam projects. We deepened our support of Cornerstones and we picked up an additional school partnership with Clearview Elementary School. We are also excited to announce a new partnership with Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, a nonpartisan organization comprised of local faith organizations working together on stewardship of our local environment

GOAL FOR 2020: $36,000. We have raised over $31,000 to date. Help us reach our goal!

How your 2019 donations made a difference