Supporting our local community through advocacy and service

Every year from Purim to Passover, NVHC Change (the Social Action Committee) holds the Tikkun Olam Campaign to raise funds for the organizations we support and for our social action activities. But you can donate all year long!

Our country suffers from inequality.  COVID-19 has amplified its effects, disproportionately afflicting those who have less with illness, unemployment, and hunger   We who have more can help through NVHC’s annual Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) campaign—our only fundraiser of the year for social action.  This campaign allows us both to help those in need and to demonstrate NVHC’s commitment to the well-being of our local community.

Help NVHC Help Our Local Community

Contributions to the Tikkun Olam campaign go to outside organizations.  These organizations, both interfaith and Jewish, assist those in need and advocate for humanitarian and Jewish causes.  Contributions to the Tikkun Olam campaign also go to support our volunteer activities at NVHC, including funds for making meals for the community shelters, purchasing food for the weekend snack bags for local elementary schools, and funds for religious school tikkun olam projects,

Why Help Our Local Community through NVHC?

When we combine our resources, we make a bigger impact.  Furthermore, donating through NVHC, rather than individually, makes NVHC and our Jewish community visible, allowing us to be counted among the faith organizations that care for our local community.

Why Now?  What’s Meaningful about the Time between Purim and Passover?

In the Purim story, human beings perform God’s work–Esther and Mordecai stand up to tyranny and save their people.  In the Passover story, God guides the Jewish people, with Moses as their leader, from slavery to freedom.  These stories inspire us to support our neighbors in their struggle against the tyranny of want and to advocate for a fairer, more just, freer, and more equal society.

We invite you to join us as a volunteer for NVHC Change, as a donor, or we hope, as both. Let us celebrate Purim together, with an awareness of the needs in our community and beyond, and with commitment to tikkun olam. To quote a reading for Mi Chamocha in our siddur, “there is no way to get from here to there except by joining hands, marching together.” We hope to find you by our side.

For the past five years, NVHC members have met or exceeded the Tikkun Olam campaign’s target.  Please enable us to achieve that goal again this year so that we can do our part to help repair our world.

Our Spring 2024 Campaign kicks off at Purim and runs through Passover, but we welcome your donations all year long. Thanks to our generous community, we raise a significant amount of funds to support our Tikkun Olam work.

How your donations have made a difference: