8th Grade – 12th Grade (Tamid)

Tamid takes place on Tuesday nights from 6:15-8:00 pm with an optional dinner from 5:45-6:15 pm. 

Each week focuses on one of four themes: Jewish studies, tikkun olam (social justice), social/fun programming, and current events. This provides students with an opportunity to go more in depth on a variety of topics of interest to them, and have a good amount of time dedicated to each.

For all 8th-12th grade students (excluding Confirmation), Talmud Torah Tuesdays (“Triple T”) are required for attendance. This allows our teen community to have critical mass at least once a month, which creates ruach (spirit), cohesion, relationships, and a venue for communicating upcoming opportunities. While we understand that other obligations compete for the very limited time in a teen’s schedule, we would like for them to show a concerted effort to be engaged with our post-B’nai Mitzvah congregational community by attending as many Tuesdays as possible during the month, but prioritizing that Triple T week. Additionally, we hope that in creating this type of programming there will be an exciting and critical mass of teens present, which is necessary to build a kehilah kedosha, a holy learning community.

  • Talmud Torah Tuesday

    Students have the opportunity to build on their core Jewish knowledge through creative Judaics electives. Topics could include, but are not limited to, Reform Judaism, Israel, ethics, philosophy, biblical criticism, leadership, and great texts of our tradition. Students have two different electives each Talmud Torah Tuesday.

  • Tikkun Olam Tuesday

    For this program, students are involved in hands-on social action projects, as well as opportunities for discussion and action. Each of these Tuesdays, our students pack bags for our Backpack packing program, providing low income students at Clearview Elementary School with meals and snacks over the weekend (click here to learn more about this great program). They then have time to engage in discussion and dialogue on the social justice theme for the year. 

  • Current Events Tuesday

    Each of these Tuesdays, students engage in activities and programs that address current events. While a few of these classes may address things occurring in the political sphere, many focus outside of that, on issues facing teens today, including social media and media consumption, anti-Semitism, the environment, and teen mental health and wellness. 

  • Social Tuesdays

    Each of these Tuesdays focus on community-building for our Tamid students. The goal is to provide a specific time and place where these students can gather with less structure, in an effort to build on the community that is formed throughout the year. These programs might include painting a mural, playing board games, cooking, and other fun activities. 

Confirmation 10th -12th Grade

The Confirmation program occurs on Tuesday evenings, at the same time as Tamid, and meets twice a month. On the weeks when Confirmation is not meeting, Confirmation students are invited to be a part of the larger Tamid program. Any student in 10th-12th grade who has not yet been confirmed may participate.

This seminar covers high-level learning based on topics that the class chooses at the start of the year, building towards a Confirmation service or presentation in May. Just as b’nai mitzvah is a public declaration of responsibility for one’s self, Confirmation is the time when a young person declares publicly their responsibility for the future of the Jewish community. Confirmation students are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all Tuesday Tamid programming, although it is not required. However, all Confirmation students must be registered for Tamid.

Teacher’s Assistant (Madrichim) Training

8th Grade Madrichim Training

8th grade students who wish to serve as madrichim in the future can participate in our 8th grade madrichim training program, taught by Peggy Nelson. Beginning in January, 8th grade madrichim-in-training will attend a madrichim training class on Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:15 am. From 9:30-12:00 pm, 8th grade madrichim-in-training will be placed in classes, and will act as madrichim, rotating 3-4 times throughout the semester. This enables our students to immediately put into practice the lessons they are learning, and also allows the students to learn from our faculty and older madrichim.

9th-12th Grade Madrichim

9th-12th grade students wishing to serve as madrichim attend Kehillat Limmud on Sundays, serving in classrooms, in the office, or as a buddy. Madrichim have the option of being paid for their time or taking community service hours. 9th-10th grade students are required to be enrolled in Tamid in order to serve as madrichim. They act as assistants to both teachers and students, helping students to learn Hebrew, guiding their art projects, and providing assistance wherever needed. Madrichim are an integral part of the Kehillat Limmud experience and our school would not run so smoothly without them! These teens are truly leaders in our community!

Interested in becoming a madrich or madricha? ShowClick Here to View Contact Information