8th Grade – 12th Grade (Tamid)

Tamid takes place on Tuesday nights from 6:15-8:00 pm. There is an optional dinner each week from 5:45-6:15 pm, with catering from a variety of restaurants and cuisines!

We consistently rotate between a few different themes and types of programming: Jewish studies, current events, social/fun programming, and tikkun olam (social justice) – with a few other fun one-offs sprinkled in. This provides students with an opportunity to go more in depth on a variety of topics of interest to them, and have a good amount of time dedicated to each.

For all students enrolled in Tamid, Talmud Torah Tuesdays (TTT) are required for attendance. This allows our teen community to have critical mass at least once a month, which creates ruach (spirit), cohesion, relationships, and a venue for communicating upcoming opportunities. While we understand that other obligations compete for the very limited time in a teen’s schedule, we would like for them to show a concerted effort to be engaged with our post-B’nai Mitzvah congregational community by attending as many Tuesdays as possible during the month, but prioritizing that TTT week. Additionally, we hope that in creating this type of programming, there will be an exciting and critical mass of teens present, which is necessary to build a kehilah kedosha, a holy learning community.

Tamid is structured this way to provide a little bit of everything to all of our students, all in an environment that allows kids across grades and interests to learn a lot, be involved in their communities, and have fun!

  • Talmud Torah Tuesday

    Students have the opportunity to build on their core Jewish knowledge through creative Judaics electives. These topics could involve deep dives into Jewish texts, conversations about the natures of prayer or ethics, or how Jews & Judaism have been expressed in history and culture. Some past electives have been: the nature of Reform Judaism, Israeli politics, Jewish philosophers, Jewish roots of superheroes, Jewish myths and monsters, and the roots of Jewish music. Breaking out into smaller groups allows for deep and wide-ranging discussions across ages and experiences. Students have two different electives each Talmud Torah Tuesday which they select once in the Fall and again in the Spring.

  • Tikkun Olam Tuesday

    On these Tuesdays, students are involved in discussions and programming about making our world a better place. We participate in mitzvah work, while also discussing the ways we can grow into ethical Jewish adults. We work to educate ourselves on how we can be better allies to those in our communities who are excluded or oppressed.

  • Current Events Tuesday

    These sessions allow Tamid students to stay involved on the issues of the day. We discuss and debate current events in a respectful environment that appreciates different backgrounds and opinions. We talk about how these issues impact our lives and view them through a context of Jewish teachings and values.

  • Social Tuesday

    Each of these Tuesdays focus on fun activities & games for our Tamid students. The goal is to build on the community that is formed throughout the year. These programs might include trivia competitions, a variety of games, cooking, and other fun activities.

Confirmation 10th -12th Grade

Just as a child takes responsibility for selfhood at the point of Bar or Bat Mitzvah, our teens take responsibility for the Jewish community at the point of Confirmation. They spend the year learning with our clergy what exactly Judaism is, and then talking about what they want the Jewish community to be. The capstone project is a group effort to create a Confirmation ritual (sometimes a service, other times something totally different) that communicates the class’s values and vision for Jewish life in the future.

More information will be available closer to the beginning of the school year.

Please note that the first step in the registration process is completing your annual giving pledge. Please contact ShowClick Here to View Contact Information if you have any questions.

Teacher’s Assistant (Madrichim) Training

8th Grade Madrichim Training

8th grade students who wish to serve as madrichim in the future can participate in our 8th grade madrichim training program. Beginning in September, 8th grade madrichim-in-training will attend a madrichim training class and then are placed in classes, and will act as madrichim, rotating 3-4 times throughout the semester. This enables our students to immediately put into practice the lessons they are learning, and also allows the students to learn from our faculty and older madrichim. Enrollment in Tamid is required for all madrichim-in-training and madrichim through 10th grade.

9th-12th Grade Madrichim

9th-12th grade students wishing to serve as madrichim attend Kehillat Limmud on Sundays, serving in classrooms, in the office, or as a buddy. Madrichim have the option of being paid for their time or taking community service hours. 9th-10th grade students are required to be enrolled in Tamid in order to serve as madrichim. They act as assistants to both teachers and students, helping students to learn Hebrew, guiding their art projects, and providing assistance wherever needed. Madrichim are an integral part of the Kehillat Limmud experience and our school would not run so smoothly without them! These teens are truly leaders in our community!