At NVHC, we believe that every person wishing to receive a Jewish education has a place in our program. We work individually with every family to ensure that their child, or children, are receiving the support that they need in order to have a positive and successful experience in Kehillat Limmud. We accommodate every student during the B’nai Mitzvah experience, and create an experience that is meaningful and impactful for both the student and the family. 

Rabbi Wainer has a wide array of experiences working with individuals with special needs and welcomes any family to meet with her to discuss your child’s needs. 

On Sunday mornings, NVHC employs an Inclusion Coordinator who is able and available to help support students, help teachers implement accommodations, and work with parents to create experiences that support their child’s learning. 

We also have a Buddy Program for students requiring ongoing additional support on Sunday mornings. High school students (madrichim) are strategically paired with individual students for a 1:1 experience. Rabbi Wainer works with buddies, parents, and our Inclusion Coordinator to create an individualized learning program for each child in this program.