Shalom! You are here because you are looking for all the resources you need in preparation for becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah – and they are here! Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing any of this, by emailing ShowClick Here to View Contact Information or ShowClick Here to View Contact Information. Never hesitate to ask for help, it is a sign of strength and courage.

All of us here at NVHC are excited to be on this journey with you and are here to help reach your fullest potential!

What is Torah Corps?

Torah Corps is NVHC’s unique learning experience for Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation! In a cohort learning setting rather than individual tutoring sessions, we provide an extensive learning experience preparing students for Bar and Bat Mitzvah as well as creating opportunities to plant firm roots for their Jewish life. Through a peer-based chevruta–style learning environment in the year leading up to becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah, students work in cohorts by date during Kehillat Limmud in our Chalutzim grades, matching the student’s place along the preparation journey, practicing all things relevant to becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah. These groups are directed and mentored by Cantor Susan Caro and Sam Blum, our Youth Engagement Coordinator, as well as being staffed by specially trained teen madrichim (mentors).

Students will work in several ways in this class: individually with one of the instructors, in pairs with each other, or on their own with supervision to practice their blessings, their Torah and Haftarah portions. This arrangement creates multiple modes of learning situations for the students, including teaching and learning from each other which is important at this age. We also engage the students in conversations about prayers, discuss and practice the choreography of a Shabbat service, gain additional Jewish life skills and opportunities including learning cantillation, text study, discussion and interpretation, all of which occur in a shared communal experience. We strongly encourage them to be present at each other’s B’nai Mitzvah, to celebrate together their accomplishments and connections to our tradition, our people and our community. As they become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, their cohort will shift their learning focus to a broader understanding of Hebrew and prayer.

Click here to view our Orientation to Torah Corps presentation.

How to prepare for Torah Corps

As parents, make the most of this journey together by being curious about your child’s work. We want them to keep a good perspective about the importance and joy of this moment in time.

Every student should practice OUT LOUD and DAILY, for at least 15-20 minutes. It will help them learn well, be confident, and not stress.

As the student becomes closer to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, their practicing time will need to increase – there is more to review and keep up with each day.

Every student must bring to Torah Corps EACH WEEK:

  • Their siddur (prayerbook)
  • Their Torah Corps binder
  • Listening device, with their prayer, Torah, and Haftarah recordings loaded in Dropbox (see “Resources” below)
  • Headphones or earbuds

We can only best help them in class if they come fully prepared.