Who is wise?  The one who learns from all people.

-Pirke Avot 4:1

Learning is at the core of Jewish life.  In Judaism, we truly know we have reached some learning when we realize how little we know.  The ocean of Jewish history, text, tradition, ritual, literature, culture, art, law, and poetry stretches before us.  We can enter at any point in our lives, no prior learning necessary.

Our learning program spans every age range.  Our youngest children learn through our Preschool and Tot Shabbat.

As children enter school ages they participate in Kehilat Limmud.  This program is on Sunday mornings from 9:15-12:15 plus 1 hour during the week.  This is also a part of our B’nai Mitzvah preparation, which also includes Torah Corps and individual meetings with our clergy.

In middle school (grade 8) students enter Tamid, a varied and flexible program that includes both formal and informal learning options to meet the busy and diverse lives of our teen community.

And our adults continue learning through our robust Lifelong Learning program.

5 Reasons to Study Torah

  1. It is yours.  Self identify.
  2. It is Ours—connection to other Jews.  Non partisan, just Jewish.
  3. Because it is the cornerstone of western civilization.  Joseph.  Abraham. Moses and Pharaoh.  Rebecca . . .
  4. It is creative.  Document itself acknowledges need for interpretation and evolution.
  5. It Challenges Us.  Cannot escape the power of it.  The text is so problematic in places that we have to grapple. The philosophical questions are immense about everything.  Magical.