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Kehilat Limmud is designed to engage students in a learning experience that challenges critical thinking through total engagement.  Students learn through the arts, experientially, using cooperative learning, project-based methodology, and inquisitive learning methods.  Our program is based on the belief that students learn best in a synagogue community environment when they work together and both teach and learn from one another.  We have eliminated standard classroom teaching in favor of group learning that depends more upon a variety of learning materials and methodology than a total textbook emphasis.  Teachers have been trained to create a classroom environment that embraces a social-emotional learning atmosphere.

Kindergarten through 7 Grade Program

Sundays 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

This program includes Judaics, Hebrew, Tefilah (prayer), Chuggim (art-based workshops), and project-based programming.

Kindergarten – Basic Hebrew Introduction, Shabbat and the festivals, Mitzvot, How We Treat Each Other, family education, and a new student Consecration service.

1st Grade – Torah, Introduction to the Chaggim (festivals), Mitzvot, Our Commandments, and Hebrew with a focus on alephbet.

2nd Grade – Hebrew with a focus on alephbet, Jewish values, Torah, and Chaggim: Jewish festivals.

3rd through 6th Grade – will take part in our original curriculum, Livnot Kehila (building community). Each year is thematically based. This year’s theme is TBA.

Hebrew Chevruta 3rd through 6th Grade – Understanding that mid-week students are stressed, tired, and have a full day in the classroom, we created a one hour Hebrew program that is geared to only Hebrew teaching. 3rd and 4th grade students learn together, and 5th and 6th grade students learn together. With these small classes, teachers are able to maximally engage with students, creating pairings that enable students to learn at their own pace while making a strong connection with classmates. We have three time slots available on Tuesdays: 4:45-5:45, 5:45-6:45, 6:45-7:45. We also are in the first years of an online Hebrew program, where students are paired with a tutor and learn online, in addition to in-class Sunday Hebrew. Class placement is based upon a first come, first served basis. Our adult lounge for parents is open while they wait for their children.

Tefila – Prayer – We value spending time learning and participating as a youth community in weekly prayer. K-2nd grade families join one of our education faculty at the beginning of each session. 3-6th grade students participate weekly in tefilah with our clergy.