Advanced Hebrew

with Yehudit Shem-Tov Thursdays, 12 weeks, April 22-July 8 6:30-7:30pm (please note that on 5/20 and 5/27, this class will take place at 6:00pm) $132 for members, $184.80 for non-members […]

Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America

One of the cornerstones of our Rebuilding Democracy Project, Great Texts of America gives us the opportunity to study the foundational texts of our country using the same skills and devices […]

Let’s Kvetch! A Program for Religious School Parents

LET’S KVETCH! We have all had a year!  This virus has been devastating to our society, our economy and our mental stability. We have lost loved ones, watched friends and family suffer and many of us have been sick as well. Along with illness and fear, this beast of a virus has been a big […]

Town Hall

We invite all congregants to an NVHC (Online) Town Hall on Sunday, April 25 at 3:00pm. Spring ushers in change and renewal, and sunshine lifts our spirits after a cold and gloomy winter. This is the perfect time to share our plans for gathering in person after a long year of physical distance, from one another […]