We are constantly striving to do right by our congregants and express how grateful we are for your support. In an effort to continue refining how we communicate, we’ve assembled this short FAQ:

When is NVHC’s fiscal year?
The synagogue’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

What is an “Annual Giving Pledge”?
Your Annual Giving Pledge pledge combines into a single amount what were previously designated Fair Share Dues, Building Fund, and Capital Repair and Replacement Reserve Replenishment. Your pledge is vital to our financial health, enabling us to provide the programs and services that connect our community.

How can I make my pledge?
ShulCloud™, NVHC’s online membership portal, provides you with a convenient way to renew your Annual Giving Pledge and schedule automatic payments at intervals that work best for you. We rely on your use of ShulCloud™ because its accounting tools enhance our ability to predict income and manage our cash flow. You can set up recurring payments on just about any schedule – monthly, quarterly, and even semi-annually. If you are interested in setting up recurring payments, please contact Joe Miller, Executive Director of NVHC.

What if I want to pay by check?
If you instead prefer to pay by check, Qualified Distributions, stock, or other similar method, please contact Joe. For pledge payments that are not by an automated method, we ask that you fulfill your Annual Giving Pledge by November 30, 2021 if you can. We know that in these uncertain times, some people will not be able to do so. David is happy to assist you with automated, periodic, or modified financial arrangements.

I used to receive quarterly statements. Did something change?
While we used to split up your statement into quarterly amounts, we are now just billing one time at the beginning of the fiscal year and sending tracking reminders. If you are used to making your contributions to the synagogue on a quarterly schedule, you can absolutely continue to do so – simply divide your annual amount by 4.

Why do I receive monthly reminder emails?
We are sending a monthly email as a way of helping to track your Annual Giving Pledge and/or tuition balance throughout the year. This also allows you to let us know if you need anything modified. We want to make sure that we are aware of each congregant’s personal circumstances. In addition, we know that most of us are used to monthly statements in most other facets of our lives.

I’ve already spoken with Joe about my financial preferences. Do I need to take any further action?
No, if you have already spoken to Joe about fiscal year 2022, we have your preference noted. If you have spoken to Joe to make arrangements in previous years, please contact him this year to reaffirm or change your pledge.

Is there a fee to use the online system?
If you make your contribution by eCheck (checking/savings account withdrawal), there is no required fee. If using a credit card, there is a 3% tax-deductible fee that is a pass-through fee charged to NVHC for every credit card transaction.

Are there other ways of expressing my support?
While we need financial support to “help keep our lights on” and help us have a strong fiscal year, your value to us far exceeds your financial ability. NVHC is a place filled with kind, righteous, and caring people of various backgrounds. There is so much you can do to keep our community thriving: having a new member over for Shabbat dinner, volunteering at different events, offering expertise in your area of knowledge, and much more. Please contact Joe if you would like to become more involved.

As a synagogue, we most certainly are not in the money-making industry. We are, however, in the difference-making industry. We send these communications to you out of our passion and hunger to continue making a difference, and in our perseverance to remain here for generations to come. As one congregant recently noted, “NVHC has been around for about 50 years. I want it to be around for 100.”

As always, please feel free to reach out to Joe at anytime, by phone at (703) 437-7733 ext. 105 or via email at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information.