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chavurah is an informal group of friends who gather on a regular basis to celebrate holidays, lifecycle events, and common interests. It’s a sacred community within the larger community of NVHC. It is a place to develop lifetime friends, share joys, support each other during challenges, and build strong bonds. Many chavurah groups (chavurot) gather to study Jewish topics or books, engage in social action, see a movie, have potlucks, and more. Each group determines its own course, and each chavurah has its own personality.

Many NVHC chavurot have been around for years (and are still going strong) celebrating holidays and family simchas, watching their children grow and mature, and enjoying a deep and abiding friendship. New chavurah groups are being formed all the time. If you would like to become part of a chavurah, fill out the form on the right or ShowClick Here to View Contact Information.


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