Yes, that means You! We all miss singing together, hearing each other’s voices. But you might be wondering, how are we going to sing together right now? We are going to have to be creative, and to try an experiment:
We are going to create an audio recording of our congregation singing together! I am inviting ANY-ALL-EACH of you to participate.

We are going to sing HaPoreis, from our Hashkivenu prayer. It is a very appropriate text as it asks for Divine protection each night as we go to sleep. We want that protection more than ever.

Here is a link to the recording of me singing along with the piano. Here is what you do:

– First: DON’T BE INTIMIDATED! Just sing your heart out; there is no video so no one will know any one individual voice. It will get put together with a beautiful mass of our voices to sound like being together in our sanctuary!
Here is a link to the words so you will have them to sing along.
– Play that recording on a device in your ear, and sing along into another recording device, recording just your own voice – just as if you were singing along with me in services!
– Please email the recording to me at ShowClick Here to View Contact Information. (click “Show” to view the email address)
– We must receive the recording by March 26th.

If you want to participate but you are unsure about doing so or need help in navigating this, please email ShowClick Here to View Contact Information and I will help you! (click “Show” to view the email address)

When this is completed, we will incorporate this into a Shabbat service, when we can listen to ourselves, sing with ourselves, raise our voices together, and hear our voices together in prayer and praise. And as we do, we will hope and aspire to once again sing out, together all in one place.

With love and blessing, Cantor Susan Caro