As a sacred community, we manage life through Judaism’s values and a network of support. We want to state up front the Jewish principles that guide us.

  • Pikuach Nefesh, the protection of individual health and safety supersedes all other obligations.
  • Bitachon, we are obligated to protect the health of others just behind self-preservation.
  • Neshama, we recognize that health is both physical and emotional/psychological.
  • Kehillah Kedosha, we recognize God’s presence in our human interactions, even when they are online.
  • Tefilah and Talmud Torah, our Jewish habits and practices fill life with meaning, especially during a time of stress, and we would be foolish to abandon them now.
  • Chesed, many of us have the blessings of health, security, youth, family, friends, and resources, and we share them with others.

Guided by these pillars we have decided to cease all gatherings at NVHC.

Even though we are socially distancing, we have the power to push back against loneliness and fear. Log on to Zoom or YouTube for Shabbat services. Join us on Zoom for a variety of study and social programs, meditations and schmoozes, and youth programming throughout the week. Invite friends, neighbors, and family, no matter where they live, to join us online, so they can share in the spiritual strength of NVHC. Find ways to serve and support. And please remember what the Torah teaches when Jacob sees his brother, Esau. When we look into each other’s (virtual) faces “we see the face of God.”

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