We will be updating this page frequently over the coming days and weeks, so be sure to check back often!

Do you need a face mask?

NVHC Change (the Social Action Committee) has launched a mask making team for our community. Lead by Laura Bellis, the team has already donated over 100 masks to Cornerstones and is ready to make masks for members of NVHC!

Click here to learn more, sign up to get a mask, and learn ways you can get involved with this project!

Resources for Families with Young Children

Shabbat ShaMorning by Lab/Shul, March 21

Click here to learn more about this musical, creative, artistic digital Shabbat morning experience for kids!

Schedules to Keep Your Kids on Track

Shared with us by a congregant who is a psychologist and professor, here are two schedules to help keep your kids engaged and give them a sense of normalcy and routine throughout the day. Click on the images below to enlarge.

A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

This comic is a great, kid-friendly tool to help teach kids about the novel coronavirus, written based on interviews done by NPR with experts at the University of Illinois School of Social Work, LSU Health Sciences Center, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

A Pinterest Board Full of Ideas

This Pinterest Board is designed as a resource for educators and has TONS of projects, craft, and activities you can do with your family!

Shalom Sesame

From the creator of Sesame Street, Shalom Sesame is a Jewish version of Sesame Street! It introduces children to Jewish culture, Hebrew, and Israel. Click here to see their YouTube channel.

PJ Library

PJ Library has put together a whole host of resources and activities for kids of all ages.


BimBam is a multi-media platform designed to connect kids of all ages to their Judaism through Jewish stories, lessons about Jewish values, and ritual guides.


Shaboom! offers videos on Jewish values, teaching children blessings and prayers, Jewish parenting resources, and so much more.

Resources for Teens


Unpacked is a series of videos and resources that explore the tory of Israel and the Jewish people. From videos on “Israeli Electronic Dance Music” to “Weird Ways Israel Won its War of Independence,” this series has a ton of different and unique videos to answer all your biggest questions.

Bible Raps

Bible Raps is – well, exactly what it says! Raps about the Bible. Seriously.

Resources for Adults

100 Things to Try

Here’s a giant list of activities, from art projects to cleaning your house, to try over the next few weeks! Click the image to enlarge.


Designed by the Shlichim (Israeli emmisary) Cohort of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Life-Online is a series of sessions on man different topics – art, sports, lectures, cooking, and more – led by shlichim, Jewish professionals, and volunteers with the goal of adding value, meaning, and connection during this time. If you’re interested, click here to download a Google calendar of upcoming events with links to each session (all sessions are run through Zoom). If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Shy Ashkenazi.