One of our favorite Jewish children’s books tells the story of a child named Zessie, who attends a community-wide wedding party. During the party she notices each of the adults taking turns walking through a door, spending a little time on the other side and then coming out, one at a time. She is curious about what is going on, so between adults, she sneaks through the door.

On the other side she finds a storeroom filled with abandoned furniture, and on a table in the middle of the room, rests a small box. As she watches, adults enter one at a time, open the box and either put in or take out some money.

This small ritual demonstrates how a community provides support: anonymously, generously, and reciprocally. At any given moment, any member of the community may have the capacity to give, and any member may have the need for assistance.

We do not live in the same neighborhood, and even if we did we would not be attending a wedding party right now. But we can follow our ancient communal obligations and habits. That is why we invite your support in different ways – through both volunteering and financial support.

We are currently working to figure out what needs our community has at this time. If you would like to help with any upcoming efforts, please click the button above to be added to our mailing list.

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Each of our clergy has a discretionary fund that can be used to provide direct support under the umbrella of pastoral confidentiality. This serves as the small communal box, thus preserving the anonymity of both the givers and recipients of the funds.

The Tikkun Olam Campaign enables us to give as a congregation to local organizations that support the neediest members of our local community. NVHC is a proud supporter of multiple organizations like Cornerstones and our local elementary schools; that support is needed now more than ever.

Physical distancing demands that we move our entire synagogue operation online, creating new opportunities to connect, and increasing the importance of our work at a stressful time. But this also creates new, unexpected expenses. Please accept our gratitude for continued annual contributions that ensure NVHC’s institutional stability.