Tuesdays, November 8*, 29, December 13, January 17*, 31, February 28, March 7, 28, April 18, May 2*, 6:30-8:00pm

On Zoom, except classes with a * which indicates in person

A huge majority of Americans are concerned about the future of our democracy, and at NVHC, we have discovered through the Rebuilding Democracy Project (RDP) that spirituality and religious ideas can restore hope, build resilience, and transform the way we approach deliberation and politics. These ten sessions will explore the principles of spirituality that undergird norms of healthy citizenship and how religious behavior transforms those rituals into practice. (Note: in the near future, NVHC may undertake an expansion of the RDP to neighboring houses of worship; this course will prepare laypeople to mentor peers in this work).

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i.      November 29, 2022:  Understanding the mechanics of religion—theologies, practices, structures

ii.      December 13, 2022, January 17, 2023:  Liturgy and Ritual as essential American container creators

  iii.      January 31, Febreuary 28, 2023:  Text Study, Revelation, Narrative and the American quest for Meaning.

iv.      March 7, 28, 2023 : Institutionalism, Constitutionalism, Covenant, Membership and Belonging as the structure of American republican democracy.

 v.      April 18, 2023 Healing, Hope and Chaplaincy and the confrontation with American reality.

vi.      May 2, 2023: The unique American interfaith landscape—the interaction of faith, power and race—and our opportunity.

vii.      Potential Additional Session:  peer mentoring, facilitating