Every time we study a text, hear a lecture, watch a movie, discuss or share an idea, listen to a sermon, react to a lesson, or especially ask a question we are engaged in the business of learning: la-asok b’divrei Torah. This institution and our Lifelong Learning program exist to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to engage in that business.

Just as the liturgy shows us loving is a two-way street (God loves us, and we have to love God back), so too is learning in community a two-way street. We can provide as many opportunities as possible, but you have to take us up on the offer. So please, put aside whatever may be obstructing your path to learning and sign up. Whether it is a busy schedule, a feeling of inferiority, a sense of confusion about where to start, or a concern about being lonely or left out, we can do our best address any of these things. But you have to take the first step.

If you do not know where to begin, contact ShowClick Here to View Contact Information, ShowClick Here to View Contact Information, ShowClick Here to View Contact Information, or any member of the staff, and tell us and we will help you find your way to a life enriched by the power of Torah. Join us and enjoy the fruits of learning.

All of our Lifelong Learning programs are open to anyone who is interested. We strive to offer a variety of learning experiences which will meet the needs and interests of our members. All programs are free for students registered in our Tamid program.

Check back throughout the year for class updates!


Registration is required for all classes and some classes must meet a minimum number of registrants to run. If you have any difficulties with the registration process, please contact Emily Hummel at emily@nvhcreston.org.

Lifelong Learning at NVHC is supported by donations to the Talmud (Adult Learning) Fund and registration fees. Your continued donations to the Talmud Fund are appreciated.

Judaics Classes

Ladders of Learning

In 5784, NVHC members are investing their time and energy in Avodat Kodesh – sacred service. One of the spheres of sacred service is Limmud (study). The Ladders of Learning Program is designed to encourage the ongoing pursuit of Jewish knowledge.

Anyone can participate in this program! Participants are responsible for recording their learning activities in their logs (link below), and may enter limmud hours from up to 30 days prior to enrolling in the program.

There is no time limit for accumulating learning hours! We will celebrate our learners at every level together on Erev Shavuot (Tuesday, June 11), with special recognition for learners who have reached the following milestones:

  • Bonim Level: 25 hours of study
  • Keva Level: 50 hours of study
  • Kavanah Level: 100 hours of study

Please bring your logs to NVHC before Shabbat on Friday, May 31 so that we can best prepare to celebrate our community of learners!

Participants may earn limmud hours in any of the following settings:

  • Communal Study: Limmud hours may be earned in any NVHC Lifelong Learning program – Shabbat Sustenance, clergy classes, guest teacher series, Hebrew study, Speaker Series, etc. 
  • Educational Travel: Participants may earn up to 10 limmud hours for travel to unique Jewish communities and historic sites for a maximum of 40 limmud hours in travel-related credit.
  • Independent Study: Limmud hours may be earned through independent study after consulting with the rabbis or cantor to design and evaluate the program.
  • Judaic Studies on a college level: 15 limmud hours will be granted for each credit earned in a Judaica course or related subjects at an accredited college or university.

Hebrew Classes