• Check out this series of short videos from leaders in the Reform movement. Each video is 2-6 minutes long and contains blessings, songs, and more!
  • Learn how to make 18-minute matzah by following along with this video!
  • Hunt for the afikomen online, all while learning about the important work the American Jewish World Service does to help people around the globe.
  • Check out this document – a living, collaborative, open resource for celebrating Pesach, crowdsourced from people all over the country!
  • Here is a collection of resources, books, flipbooks, and other materials from the CCAR Press (the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Reform movement’s professional rabbinical organization.

Haggadah Ideas

Learn a fun song to help you remember the order of the seder:

This video filmed before social distancing came into effect.

The playlist below is a series of 30-90 second videos of thoughts, blessings, and short guides to parts of the seder from NVHC’s clergy and staff.

Here are some great playlists to play while you prepare for Pesach, or even in the background of your seder:

Listen to some modern parodies and takes on classic Pesach songs:

Listen to Cantor Caro sing some classic Pesach melodies and great songs for kids!

Passover and Holy Week

In this video, Rabbi Holzman and Reverend Tom Berlin, of Floris United Methodist Church, sat down together (over Zoom of course), to talk about meeting the spiritual needs of Pesach (Passover) and Christian Holy Week, during the COVID-19 lockdown.