Concert with Kol Shirah – Music of Laughter and Mirth

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? We all need one, especially these days.

Throughout time, Jews have used humor as an important way of making sense of life, and music as a deep way to beautify and shape time.

Join our adult choir, Kol Shirah, with Cantor Caro as they give us an afternoon of respite with Comedy Music!

Come laugh, smile and enjoy!

Omer Trek: Turning Pain into Music: Israel Since October 7th

The 49 day period from Passover to Shavuot is called the Omer and it is a special time when the Jewish people prepare for receiving the Torah at Sinai. Join us for some or all of our 7-week trek through Torah! Click here to learn more and click here to register.

June 6, 6:30-8:00pm, in person only

Turning Pain into Music: Israel Since October 7th

The arts are often filled with expressions of the creator’s pain and trauma. For the State of Israel, music has always been an expression of the emotional state of the country. In these months since October 7th, there has been a huge wave of creativity in music especially, to bring voice to trauma, rage, sadness, healing and wholeness.  This session will explore this most recent creative transformation in Israeli popular music.