Travel brings us to new experiences and learning, and also to each other, as companions. Traveling together builds community both during the trips and when we return to the synagogue. Over the years, NVHC has put together some wonderful travel opportunities. From the trips to Israel, day trips to Philadelphia, and teen trips to New York and Chicago, our congregants have shown a love of travel, and especially for travel with NVHC.

We are looking forward strategically so that we can plan community trips as a mainstay of NVHC’s robust Lifelong Learning and engagement programs.

NVHC is going to Israel!

Please fill out this survey before March 25, 2022 so we can gauge the level of interest in a trip this year.

As announced during Rabbi Holzman’s Rosh Hashanah sermon, we are planning a trip to Israel to learn about the history, culture and issues facing the Jewish homeland.

  • See the sites of the Old City and learn the history of the birthplace of our people
  • Hike in the Judean hills, Masada, and the Golan Heights
  • Enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa
  • Tour the mystical synagogues of Safed and shop in the best Judaica and Jewish art district in the world
  • Visit Yad Vashem and see the memorials to the Shoah
  • Learn the history of the modern state of Israel and visit Har Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery
  • Meet with activists addressing some of the most difficult issues facing the Jewish people today, and see the places where these tensions play out in real time (divisions between Israeli and Diaspora Judaism; Orthodox and secular Israelis; Jewish and Arab Israelis; Israel and Palestine)
  • Shabbat with our sister congregation Achvat Bakerem in Jerusalem
  • Bond with fellow travelers from NVHC and Rabbi Holzman during 10 days of travel
  • Enjoy some of the best food in the world

Details (all details subject to minor modifications based on registration, conditions, and exact timing once reservations are made):

  • Roughly 10 days on the ground, Dec 17-27, 2022 (dates subject to slight change)
  • Approximately $4800-$5200/person double occupancy, ground only (this price does not include airfare.) Single room will require a supplemental charge.
  • Pricing is based on 25 travelers. It may go down if 30 travelers sign up.
  • Price includes all hotels, bus, guide, all breakfasts, and 4 lunches.

Save the Date – April 5, 8:00-9:00pm: Information Session about the trip with Rabbi Holzman on Zoom. Zoom info will be provided to those who fill out the survey linked above.