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What does it mean to be a community?

This word, “community” surpasses casual types of connection or relationship.  We do not mean to say that everyone in a community is a best friend, but we do mean to say that communal relationships are different.  They carry a certain kind of weight and security.

  • In community, we trust each other for support when we are in need.
  • In community, we share those moments of celebration when we want to hear a Mazal Tov.
  • In community, we raise children together and share our wisdom with the next generation.
  • In community, we help care for the sick, weak and aged, as they are in need.
  • In community, we commit to the work of healing the world and we rely upon each other to step up and make that kind of work happen.
  • In community we share our prayers, our deepest hopes, our greatest successes and the small moments that make up our lives.
  • In community, we open ourselves to learning, to hearing dissenting voices, and to growing from the friction in creative ideas and sacred texts.

Community is all of these things.  It takes work and an open mind to make it happen.  That is our goal at NVHC.  We have special groups and leadership in place to look at how we can be a stronger community in every possible way.  This “behind the scenes” work is some  of our holiest because it is the glue that binds people together.

This section of our site contains information about our communal values and the ways we work to build those sacred relationships.